Conspiracy theories are just another one of America’s great stains.

From 9/11 rumors to what’s going on at Area 51, conspiracy theories are not new to America and stem from the constant lies and inconsistencies in our government. Americans live in a place where we are monitored, mistreated, and lied to, all under the guise of freedom and democracy.

The latest news that seems a little bit fishy is the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein on Saturday, August 10th.

If you haven’t heard of Epstein, he’s generally not worth knowing unless you’re into sex trafficking. He was a powerful financier, who also happened to be a convicted sex offender accused of trafficking minors.

Many women have come out with allegations against him. Back in 2007, he escaped his then-indictment with a minor jail sentence that allowed him to leave jail and continue to work.

God forbid a millionaire ever have to miss a day of work and opportunity to keep making millions.

The naive public hoped that after his “sentence,” he could go back into the real world as a renewed citizen who wasn’t into raping little girls (allegedly), but new allegations landed him back in jail. It brought feelings of hope, and, once again, victims thought they’d finally get some kind of justice.

We thought maybe this time, someone will give a single fuck about victims.

Joke’s on us, though, because Epstein has escaped, for the last time. Fellow conspiracy theorists like myself feel there’s no way in Hell this powerful and arrogant man felt any semblance of remorse and killed himself.

It’s a load of bullshit.

Especially when, just a few weeks ago, we got reports of “an attempted suicide” from Epstein.

So, somehow, they want us to believe that this man with connections to our president (with many alleged sexual assaults under his belt), celebrities, and men in power, was just suspected to be suicidal in his cell? And, following that, wasn’t even monitored?

He just happened to be left with the materials to successfully kill himself. And there’s no video or concrete evidence.

A very likely story indeed. Right? Then, of course, it’ll soon come out that all his files capable of indicting other powerful pedophiles are mysteriously missing or deleted.

Literal bullshit.

This country doesn’t care about victims.


They care about power and money, and victims are interfering with that.


First the president, then Brett Kavanaugh, then the Catholic Church, and now the Boy Scouts.

Unfortunately, all these allegations haven’t led to any justice. it’s only led the abusers in power to be sick of us.

They don’t care, they don’t want to fight for us.

They don’t want to hear it anymore.

These kinds of men want to talk to women any way they want and we just have to swallow their shit for the rest of our fucking lives.

They’re men that want to slay transwomen left and right because these men hate themselves that much.

They want boys to shut up. They want boys to perpetuate their sick practices on the generations after them.

These are men that want to have sex with 12-year-olds because they “look 18.” And somehow, that’s a valid excuse, which doesn’t make them complete pedophiles.

They’d rather spend their energy locking up victims who mean absolutely nothing to them because they aren’t white and rich. I mean, look at what happened to Cyntoia Brown, for God’s sake!

There was no way Epstein would ever have gone through yet another public trial, in which the truth would be uncovered about the vast networks he managed, networks of pedophiles and rapists, networks incapable of humanity and morality. There was no way Epstein would ever have gotten the punishment he deserved.

The powerful people who are happy to run our country into the ground as long as they float on top weren’t going to let any of that happen.

It’s why so many people believe Epstein was murdered. That he didn’t kill himself. As though we’re living in a literal House of Cards. He came too close to opening his mouth, and the powers-that-be didn’t want that.


I don’t think the victims will ever get justice.

It makes me so angry and so sad and I feel so helpless. 

But we have to put that all aside. Now, more than ever before. Please tell your stories.

No matter how trivial your story may seem, you have power. You have power in your voice, in your story, in your truth. Never doubt that.

We stand with you. We are listening. 

And nobody can ever silence our voices.