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Trump’s role in the rise of white domestic terrorism

While people were still digesting the fact that a 6-year-old boy, along with two others, was killed less than a week ago at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA, in the past 24 hours, there have been two more mass shooting in the United States. 21 innocent people were murdered in a Walmart in El Paso, TX. and 10 people in Dayton, OH.

This brings the count to 251 US mass shootings in 2019 according to The Gun Violence Archive.

The recent shooters were all young white males, domestic terrorists, homegrown on American soil, indoctrinated by none other than our very own president.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat and says my accusations are criminal, let me be clear by what I mean: the President’s openly racist rhetoric and generalizations about minorities, LGBTQs, Muslims, Blacks, Latinx communities and POCs, in general, has encouraged white males who identify with Donald Trump to accept and amplify the belief that these minority groups are invading America and to blame for the problems here. So they take matters into their own hands and manifest that rhetoric into action: saving white America by any means necessary.

The El Paso shooter, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, stated in his manifesto that the “invasion” of the Hispanic population was the reason for the attack.

It’s no coincidence that the President has openly tweeted about the “invasion” by migrants at the southern border, calling them “gang members and very bad people.”

The Trump administration is fully aware of the connection and in order to control the damage, Trump has appeared to deleted some tweets that used the word “invasion” when referring to migrants, which some say is a violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978 (44 USC §§ 2201–2207).

[Image description: Screenshot of Amee Vanderpool's tweets about deleting post that use the word "invasion"] via Twitter
[Image description: Screenshot of Amee Vanderpool’s tweets about deleting posts that use the word “invasion”] via Twitter
Even the Quebec City mosque shooter, who killed 6 men at a mosque, the New Zealand shooter who killed 51 Muslims in two mosques, the Poway gunman, and the MAGA bomber cited Trump, either directly or indirectly, as being an inspiration for their killings.

The government and most media outlets have spent years trying to convince the American people that white shooters are lone wolves who are mentally unstable, but people are no longer accepting that excuse.

The rise of white terrorism is real, rampant and people are addressing it more so than ever.

People have taken to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share their frustrations with the hypocrisy that surround the apologetic behavior towards white supremacists who are terrorizing Americans more than any other group in this country, and for the first time ever, the media is talking about white terrorism because the truth is that they no longer have a choice.

Though our President may not be pulling the trigger himself, his words are certainly indoctrinating, fueling and normalizing the hatred white supremacists feel towards their nonwhite counterparts. Since he doesn’t openly – and consistently – denounce white terrorism, their violence ends up feeling justified within their circles.

Presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren also tweeted about this issue saying, “We need to call out white nationalism for what it is—domestic terrorism. It is a threat to the United States, and we’ve seen its devastating toll this weekend. And we need to call out the president himself for advancing racism and white supremacy.”

It’s ironic that William Happer, Trump’s advisor on climate change, said that he is “concerned that many children are being indoctrinated by this bad science,” but no one in the Trump administration can see the President himself is indoctrinating white supremacists of all ages.

For the first time in years, politicians are starting to admit that white terrorism is in fact a threat, thanks to those brave Americans who are speaking out against it.

Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter, tweeted, “White supremacy, like all other forms of terrorism, is an evil that must be destroyed,” but people are not having it.

[Image description: Image of Ivanka Trump's tweets] via Twitter

Many have responded that Ivanka should start solving this problem by speaking with her father, the President of the United States, first, whose rhetoric, actions, rallies, tweets, and speeches have fueled white supremacy to the extent that it has now reached.

Trump has not just fueled the ideology of white supremacy, but gave it an incubator to manifest individuals willing to commit acts of terror.

So, sorry, Ivanka, we are so far beyond just admitting that white supremacy is a problem. Empty words will not get you or your family off the hook.

The Trump administration now needs to admit that it is the President himself who has allowed white domestic terrorism to run rampant – and make sure he stops fueling the crisis further.

It’s time that white America realizes that all lives are now at risk, not just the lives of people of color.

Ultimately, nobody wants their loved one in front of the trigger – but no one should want their loved one behind it, either.

By Bisma Parvez

Bisma Parvez graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in English and a BSc in Radiation Therapy. She is a Breaking/Trending News Reporter at the Detroit Free Press and a board member for KBK Relief Foundation. Bisma has bylines in HuffPost and Muslim Girl and she wants to use her writing to change how people perceive Muslim women. She is a spoken word artist and has performed her poems at events around the Detroit area. She is a proud American and Canadian Muslim, a Detroiter, a mother of two beautiful children and speaker of truth.