Throughout our lives, we have a lot of roommates. And it takes a lot to find a good one. But when you do, the bond between you is inseparable.

1. They’re there every morning when you wake up.

wake up
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Depending on how you’re feeling that day, that is either deeply disturbing or extremely heartwarming.


2. They know how you take your coffee.

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They can see when you need to have it, too.


3. They know what you spend your money on

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Whenever I’m buying too many things from Amazon, all I need sometimes is a judging look from my roommate.


4. They know your schedule and, more importantly, they know when you’re playing hooky.

side eye
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She knows when I’m working (or should be), and this usually guilts me into getting it together.


5. They know exactly what you love to eat.

eating ice cream
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And when you eat it, which is why I stopped eating Lucky Charms before bed and yoga class.


6. They know your vices, which isn’t always a good thing!

[image description: an animated teacher with yellow skin and brown hair catches a student, with yellow skin and brown hair, passing notes, saying “nelson, what are you doing?”] Via GIPHY
For example, my roommate knows I never say no to Lucky Charms.


7. They know what Netflix shows you’ve been watching.

eating popcorn
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When you share a TV, they have access to everything you watch on Netflix. I was shocked to find We Bares Bears on my 21-year-old roommate’s history (sorry Amber, didn’t mean to expose you).


8. They know when you’re having a good day.

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They will also help you celebrate, which is definitely the best part.


9. And they know when you’re having a bad day.

[image description: Woman with brown hair says “you need a drink, and a woman with blonde hair responds, “yes”] Via GIPHY
When you’re having a bad day, sometimes all you need is for someone to acknowledge it.


10. They know that you poop.

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Look, I didn’t really understand intimacy until I found out my roommate knows when I poop and neither one of us cared.


11. You get scared at potential intruders together.

[image description: Woman with brunette hair says “you’re panicking,” and a man with brown hair says “uh huh! Join me why don’t you?”] Via GIPHY
I don’t know, there’s just something about living in a city as two young women. It’s a bonding experience.


12. They know how many clothes you own.

[image description: Woman with blonde hair sorts through her clothes and says “I have absolutely nothing to wear”] Via GIPHY

13. They remind you that you need to call your mother.

[image description: Woman hugs her friend, and stops smiling to have a concerned look on her face. captioned “when you forgot to call mom”] Via GIPHY
Sometimes my roommate and I call our moms at the same time.


14. But sometimes, shit happens: you’ve fought over where to put your furniture.

[image description: Man with brunette hair hold a couch that is stuck in a stairwell and yells “pivot”] Via GIPHY
It might just be me, but the bickering and passive-aggressiveness feel like a precursor to married life.


15. They know your very strange habits.

[image description: Woman raises her right hand and says “guilty as charged,” looking at the camera as if to charm it.] Via GIPHY
I don’t think I’ve ever finished a cup of coffee in my life. I always leave a little swallow. And the only person who knows that is my roommate.


16. They know your very bad habits, too.

[image description: Woman with shoulder-length hair and a blue coat points her finger at the viewer and says “I see all”] Via GIPHY
Its been too long since laundry day and my roommate is definitely judging me.


17. They get on your nerves when you see them too much.

[image description: Woman with long blonde hair puts one finger up and says “shh… you’re getting on my nerves.”] Via GIPHY
But honestly, it’s so nice to come home to one person. Consistently.


18. They support you, in their own special way.

thumbs up
[image description: Woman with long brown hair claps her hands and looks supportively at her friend, giving a thumbs up.] Via GIPHY
Whether you want them to or not.


19. They’re there every night when you go to sleep.

tuck in
[image description: Baseball player brings a towel over to his sleeping teammate and tucks him in.] Via GIPHY
Until they’re not, and you’re all alone, and can’t go to sleep because there might be someone in your home.

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