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Minimalist makeup is finally trending, so here are some tips on how to make the most of it

A 'less is more' approach is just as beautiful as glamour and drama.

As a makeup artist, I have a deep appreciation for editorial and glam looks, smokey eyes and a sharp winged eyeliner, but my day to day reality is far more casual than glamorous. In fact, it is rare that you would even find me wearing foundation on a daily basis. The reality of an intricate makeup look is that it takes time. I know that I don’t usually have the time to create a natural-looking smokey eye before going to work, and I know the same is true for so many others.

Beyond the issue of time, makeup artistry is a skill, and learning this skill requires much patience, something that not everyone has. So maybe creating intricate glam looks just isn’t feasible on a daily basis, and that’s totally fine. Regardless of the reasoning, makeup looks consisting of three layers of powder and 15 different brands should not be the only standard of beauty.

Luckily, brands like Milk Makeup and Glossier are overturning the notion that heavy makeup is the only version of beautiful makeup. With products like Glow Oil and Boy Brow, we are finally seeing that, beyond bright colors, dramatic lashes, and glitter, less truly is more (and just as beautiful). However, the minimalist makeup trend can mean different things to different people. For some people, like myself, minimalism is sporting a bare face and wearing little to no makeup. For others, minimalism is limiting the amount of products being used. The latter is difficult for those of us that love trying all the makeup and beauty products available, but I’m here with a few tips for limiting the amount of products you use, while fully embracing the minimalist makeover.


A girl with blonde curly hair and blue eyes is looking at the camera with a soft smile.
[Image description: A girl with blonde curly hair and blue eyes is looking at the camera with a soft smile.] Via Unsplash.
Regardless of the look you choose, having healthy skin is the ultimate foundation. Your makeup routine is only as good as your skincare routine, and the most basic course of action is allowing your skin to breathe more often than you apply layers of makeup to it. The next step is applying a quality moisturizer – bonus points if it has SPF! Whether your skin is oily or dry, the key is hydration, hydration, hydration!

Quality Foundation

An assortment of makeup brushes.
[Image description: An assortment of makeup brushes.] Via Unsplash.
Even though I personally sport a clean face while embracing a minimalist makeup look, some people may not feel comfortable flaunting their bare complexion on a regular basis. For this reason, choosing a quality breathable foundation is essential to a minimalist makeup routine. While it can be tempting for us beauty enthusiasts to have two or three different foundations (guilty!), cutting down on product use means choosing and sticking to a foundation that most closely matches your natural skin’s tone and texture. Don’t forget that less is more, and choosing a sheer coverage foundation may be the most beneficial to your skin in the long term.

Lightweight Bronzer

An assortment of makeup palettes.
[Image description: An assortment of makeup palettes.] Via Unsplash.
Adding a bit of light bronzer gives just the right amount of natural definition to the cheekbones and jawline. Add some natural glow and a pop of color with a liquid highlight to the cheekbones and lightweight blush serum or lipstick to the cheeks!

Long Lashes

A woman's left eye, which is brown in colour with long, dark lashes.
[Image description: A woman’s left eye, which is brown in colour with long, dark lashes.] Via Unsplash.
Nothing pulls together a makeup look quite like an eye that pops, and I have found that bold and defined lashes are the ultimate magic trick to brightening the eyes. A lightweight and water-resistant mascara will suffice, but if you’re feeling bold, some natural-looking false lashes are the perfect addition to a minimalist makeup look.

Groomed Brows

A woman with brown eyes looking into the camera. Via Unsplash
[Image description: A woman with brown eyes looking into the camera.] Via Unsplash.
I cannot stress enough how important a groomed brow is to any makeup look. Beyond the basic upkeep of your natural brows, you can easily achieve a low-key minimalistic look by lightly lining your natural brow shape and filling in any gaps with a brow pencil that most closely matches your hair color.


A woman's lips with pink lipstick. Via Unsplash
[Image description: A woman’s lips with pink lipstick.] Via Unsplash.
Finally, some TLC for those lips will tie your whole minimalistic makeup look together. I personally go for a simple gloss most of the time, but depending on my mood for the day I’ll choose anything from a simple nude to a fiery red – get creative! Tinted lip balms are also a great way to give your lips that pop of color while maintaining healthy hydration.