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15 #DisabledCompliments tweets you need to read right the eff now

Telling someone they're "pretty for someone in a wheelchair" isn’t quite the compliment you think it to be.

People with disabilities have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #DisabledCompliments to share the insensitive, backhanded, and all around ableist “compliments” they’ve had to endure from others. 

The tag took off on Saturday when disability activist Imani Barbarin (@Imani_Barbarin) shared a thread of comments she’d been subjected to under the guise of compliments.

Since, others have joined in far and wide with one user dubbing the supposed praises as “super fucking obnoxious”.

Here’s what others had to say under #DisabledCompliments:

1. Disabled and attractive? Gasp!

Someone hit up all news outlets because clearly, this is breaking news.

2. Classic “foot in the mouth” situation

I’d really like to know the thought process behind forming such a dignified compliment. It baffles me.

3. Classic “foot in the mouth” situation, Part II

And with that attitude, methinks that person should refrain from openly voicing their opinions.

4. #RelationshipGoals

Makes you wonder what kind of bad SOs that person had the misfortune of being with.

5. Yes, you don’t think

Don’t you just love and appreciate when people tell you who you are or aren’t? I’m heart-eye emoji-ing rn.

6. Why education is v important


7. At least, right?

I don’t even have words.

8. Can you not?

That last one is just teetering on inspiration porn.

9. Umm, what?

Someone needs to look up the definition of lucky, and it isn’t Carla.

10. Stop it, I blush

That person is doing excellent at not showing their sensitivity – bravo!

11. Thanks indeed

We’ve all said it once, so I’m saying it again; mass education on world issues is so so so important.

12. Classic “foot in the mouth” situation, Part III

To think that Abbey has heard enough #DisabledCompliments for her to have favorites is appalling.

13. Not disabled disabled

Sorry, you must be this tall to earn the honor of calling yourself disabled.

14. Look on the bright side

Someone is summer vacation-ing wrong.

15. Just… no

Yet another person who needs to look up the definition of lucky.

The fact that #DisabledCompliments took off so quickly and is trending so widely makes it clear that the community in question is frustrated and tired AF of being on the receiving end of such ableist comments, and being ignored in wider conversations.

Ableism – discrimination that takes place in favor of able-bodied people – is so present in everyday speak that many fail to pick up on it. And look, it’s obvious that some people unintentionally, and perhaps out of a place of discomfort, voice such compliments in an effort to make the other person “feel better”. 

But that’s not needed, and tbh, it’s uncalled for. All you have to do is be mindful and open to learning about others’ experiences without feeling the need to “fix” a situation.

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