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What’s in my bag: essentials for a professional mom in England

Everything I need to survive London transport and unpredictable weather.

Here at The Tempest, we’ve started a new monthly series: What’s in my bag?

In this series, we’ll have The Tempest Staff members and fellows give you a glimpse of what they carry every day and what makeup they use on a daily basis. This month, for our series, you’ll catch a glimpse of Staff Writer, Batool Haider’s mom-life essentials:

The day using a bag became absolutely necessary was when I became a mom. Before that, all I needed to carry were a debit card, my phone and house keys. Basically, everything that could fit into my jeans/jacket pockets.

When the baby came, so did the need to have a multitude of things on the go. So, I essentially began my foray into carrying a bag with a baby-bag. In retrospect, that sounds quite sad given all the gorgeous bags out there and all the cool things you can carry.

When, thankfully, my baby didn’t need a baby-bag with him all the time, I progressed into feigning adulthood by carrying a bag that has everything I could possibly need!

Now, before I delve into the contents of my bag, let me give you a briefing into my situation in life. I am a part-time stay at home mom and part-time accountant extraordinaire working for a small Accountancy Firm in London. In other words, I NEED to be organized and my bag needs to reflect that.

Here are five things you would normally find in my bag at all times:

A cardholder

A glittery pink card holder wallet with three cards poking out
A pink glittery card holder wallet

Gone are the days when I could stuff a debit card into my jeans pocket. This card holder wallet is minimalistic and has built-in RFID Blocking. It is good for holding 4 cards and has 1 large pocket for money or receipts. To be honest, I love the idea of carrying a proper wallet but this does the trick and for someone constantly on the go, it saves the hassle of opening a wallet to take out the one card which is constantly in use.

My Kindle

A kindle
An Amazon Kindle

On the days I work, I use the London Underground. The total time I spent on the tube (and waiting for one) ranges from 40 minutes to an hour. So, to make the best out of the situation, I read!

To be very honest, I do prefer an actual book with pages and history. However, you cannot disregard the convenience of having a large collection of books a few clicks away. It also saves space in my already full bag.

A Brolly

An umbrella in a hard plastic case
An umbrella in a hard plastic case

How could anyone living in the UK not carry an umbrella? A small one that fits in your bag is perfect due to the unpredictable drizzling the UK is quite famous for. However, it is not very effective when the winds pick up. Which is why I also carry the next item on my list


A reusable, portable rain poncho

Reusable pink and blue rain poncho with a compact pouch
Reusable pink and a blue rain poncho with a compact pouch

The title says it all. There are quite a few brands that are disposable but please, let’s be a friend to the environment. The best part is, it folds into a pouch that fits my handbag; compact and practical! and yes, you can safely assume I have been caught in the rain far too many times then I would like to admit.


A (very) small makeup pouch

A white pouch with red dots and a picture of teeth biting lower lip
A small makeup pouch

I am not into makeup at all, but I cannot deny that it does enhance one’s natural beauty. My bag has a small pouch that holds a lipstick and a mascara as well as a hand moisturizer and blotting paper. Because, why not?


Aside from the above, if you were to look through my bag, you would also find receipts which I need to clear out (and do religiously every Friday), raisins and a water bottle (for my baby) a toy car (again for the baby, I promise) and a small notebook and a pen (this one is for me, but is also used by the baby). So, in conclusion, my bag encompasses the yin and the yang of my life, uniting my two, sometimes three, identities in perfect harmony.