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Earth Day Network plans to engage citizens in climate action for Earth Day 2020

The Earth has always been our home, but what can we do to keep living in a clean environment?

The world recently celebrated Earth Day after entering the 49th year since it first began in 1970. Many people took the time to raise awareness, by sharing a motivational video or even making eco-friendly clothes. With the annual holiday celebrating its 50th year in 2020, the Earth Day Network will focus on climate action. Overall, this process is to take care of the environment.

I think we can all say that the Earth, a place that we can call home, hasn’t been in the best condition for quite a while. Some countries are living in polluted air, have no clean water to drink or bathe in, and overpopulation is increasing. The list of ongoing conflicts is continuing. This initiative that the Earth Day Network plans to take into action will definitely help benefit our planet. 

During a press release, Earth Day Network President, Kathleen Rogers said that next year has to be the year of transformative change that seizes the positive action underway in order to make the world bigger and bolder.  “Together, we can unite to build a movement that is inclusive, ambitious, and impossible to ignore,” Rogers said.

Climate scientist Gavin Schmidt tweeted a photo of a map of Earth since the first Earth Day up until March of this year. Just by looking at this map, you can see the drastic change that the planet has been through in the past 49 years. According to a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), greenhouse gas emissions had to fall to 45 percent of the levels from 2010 to meet the goal to 1.5 Celsius above the pre-industrial levels.

So what are some ways that we as humans can do to help change the Earth in a positive manner? Here are suggestions from the Earth Day Network that will help encourage you to take action.

1. Vote Earth

A pile of voter stickers that read "I Voted" in red, white, and blue.
[Image description: A pile of voter stickers that read “I Voted” in red, white, and blue.] Via Element5 on Unsplash
This year and 2020 are big years for many countries. That is elections.

Vote Earth’s purpose is to register one million voters, educate and activate new and existing registered voters, and demand all political candidates to make their support of climate action. The campaign also wants to target young and first-time voters into participating. This is a great time for eligible voters to encourage candidates to engage in different environmental policies.

Whoever will be chosen into office for your country will make a huge difference on climate change.

2, Earth Challenge 2020

A woman is holding a pile of dirt with a small plant growing on top.
[Image description: A woman is holding a pile of dirt with a small plant growing on top.] Via Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash
Earth Challenge 2020 plans to engage citizens worldwide to collect one billion points in different environmental areas, such as water quality.

By creating this challenge, Earth Day Network wants to make this report on environmental health the largest citizen scientist initiative ever. They are also planning on launching an app at the beginning of the year. To participate in this action, connect with @Earth_Challenge on Twitter using the hashtag #EC2020.

3. Billion Acts of Green

Three wind turbines are on a green hill. The sky above them is a bright blue with a lot of clouds.
Image description: Three wind turbines are on a green hill. The sky above them is a bright blue with a lot of clouds. Photo by Tim Foster

Earth Day Network plans to update the landmark Billion Acts of Green program by reaching their goal of 3.5 billion environmentally-friendly acts to complete. Many of these acts include reducing your carbon footprint, conserve energy, end plastic pollution, and many more.

Billion Acts of Green also encouraged to participate in environmental projects in your community.

4. Great Global Cleanup

A chalk figure of a person throwing away a piece of trash in a trash can.
[Image description: A chalk figure of a person throwing away a piece of trash in a trash can.] Via Gary Chan on Unsplash
This project is very easy. All you have to do is pick up pieces of trash from parks, neighborhoods, beaches, and many other outdoor environments.

The network wants people in U.S. cities to participate in this event in hopes of becoming the largest environmental volunteer event ever. Through the use of social media, digital mapping, and mobile registration, Great Global Cleanup will connect partners and participating members from around the globe to pick up trash from the ground.

With the help of the Earth Day Network, we can all make a difference in helping the Earth become a more eco-friendly environment again. Even just contributing to one small action will make an impact.