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21 of the best reactions that sum up THAT Game of Thrones finale

It's been a week, but the Internet remembers and the memes keep coming.

The epic fantasy series Game of Thrones came to an end on the May 19th after eight seasons.

Fans finally saw who ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the fate of their favourite characters.

And with a very divided ending, fans had a lot to say about the entire situation, either being critical of the story and writing or complimentary of the character development and cinematography.

Here are some of the best reactions and be warned, there will be spoilers!

1.) Why, D&D? WHY?

I’m sure we are all asking the same question…why?

2.) Music brings everyone together

Ramin Djawadi is a maestro – FACTS!

3.) Eight seasons…for that?


4.) We need more!

Clearly, not everyone was happy with the ending – but at least we have the final book to look forward to! Where is it, George R.R. Martin?

5.) The combat we deserved.

Two men mourning their lost loves – one for justice and one for duty. We deserved to see this combat more than anyone wants to admit.

6.) Appreciating the Neville Longbottom glow-up that NO-ONE expected

Despite how the series ended, Lord Robin Arryn’s glow-up left everyone shook!

7.) Why Bran, WHY?

Really, Bran? Are you going to do your own brother like that?

8.) Coming to terms with something we already knew.

Ghost and Drogon were loyal to the end, even if their owners were not.

9.) Reality in fantasy

There was no denying from anyone that episode 5 was truly horrific – but a reality to so many.

10.) Analysing the terrible writing

For someone who played such a big role, you think he’d have more to say…

11.) Life lessons maybe?

Let’s be real – we ALL know a Bran Stark.

12.) When no words can describe how you feel


13.) Appreciating the positives

Even bad things have good parts.

14.) This might be taking it a bit too far

It’s fine to be upset, but therapy over the ending of a show? Really?

15.) THAT epic shot

Everyone could agree – this shot was the best one of the entire season!

16.) When the villain’s actions start to make sense.


17.) Women deserve better

Taking the glory away from women – one franchise at a time.

18.) Where have we seen this before?


19.) Cue the political jokes

There will be many, many more of these coming your way, courtesy of Brexit and the 2020 elections.

20.) The irrelevance of so many scenes.

Oh, look, another arc that was made to be significant but had no impact on the finale.

21.) Now what?

Despite anyone’s feelings over the finale, accepting it is all over might take a bit longer for us to come to terms with. We join our Marvel brothers and sisters as we now find something else to do with our time.