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7 feminist podcasts worth listening to over and over again

A show for every day of the week? Hell yes!

The world can often be an intolerant and hostile place. Watching the rise of the far-right is exasperating and downright terrifying. As we shake our heads in despair, it helps to hear fellow women discussing the ridiculousness that is the world right now.

These seven podcasts will make it feel as if all of these bomb-ass women are in the room with you. The podcasts are perfect for long commutes or just hanging out in the house and present interesting discussions that you are sure to learn a thing (or three) from. 

1. The Guilty Feminist

Have you ever done something and then questioned whether you’re a good feminist? I know I have. More often than I’d like to admit, I find myself striving to fit unhealthy beauty ideals.

If this is you and thousands of other feminists out there, you need to listen to The Guilty Feminist. The award-winning host, Deborah Frances-White, is sure to have you giggling hysterically as she unpacks the hypocrisies and insecurities we face when incorporating important feminist principles into our lives.

2. #GoodMuslimBadMuslim

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Someday I’m gonna nail IG captions like @tazzystar like it ain’t no thing to encapsulate “what’s necessary AF for you to know RN about your life + shoutout to necessary AF orgs we need in our lives 24/7 + shine ✨joy ✨love ?+ chai. Enjoy listening.” As the cohost of this podcast I am constantly riveted by what my cohost brings to the mic every month these last 50 years. ? Her post below; here’s my recap: THIS EPISODE IS RIVETING, FUNNY AND WE SMART AF. ++++++ EPISODE 50??? #Repost @tazzystar with @get_repost ・・・ Our latest #GoodMuslimBadMuslim show is up and out! Recorded (partly) live at the @uscedu @visionsandvoices podcasting event, GO TROJANS! We talk about @mpowerchange 's #MuslimBan petition, give a #GoodMuslimAward to @mohanad.elshieky, give a #BlackHistoryMonth shout out to @muslimarc, @identitypoliticspodcast, and @nijla1's film Jinn. Zahra also talks about @monascomedy's lively comedy shows. And we of course have to talk about the Daily Podcast and the hot topic of ISIS women repatriation. GIVE US A LISTEN. SUBSCRIBE, AGAIN. STAR US TO MAKE SURE OUR PODCAST APPEARS IN YOUR FEED. We miss you! Let's chai chat!

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The hosts of this show question what it means to be a good Muslim in America when you are getting mixed messages from all angles. Their answer? It’s a little more complicated than good and bad, and it’s up to Muslim women to decide this rather than society.

The hosts, Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh, of #GoodMuslimBadMuslim discuss current events and politics with an unapologetically feminist approach. They also mix this up with lighter segments that are sure to get a laugh out of us listeners.

3. Call Your Girlfriend

The hosts of this show believe that conversations between women can be potentially life-changing. And I couldn’t agree more.

When I’m not chatting about current affairs with my fellow female friends, I am so thankful to have the hosts of Call Your Girlfriend around to tackle topics such as Instagram Anxiety and The Pursuit of Female Pleasure. The aim of this insightful and also, at times humorous podcast is to collectively tackle structural inequality.

4. She’s All Fat

This is the podcast for body positivity and radical self-love.

This fun and entertaining podcast is hosted by April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Khan. Sophie explains that the term fat still has a lot of negative stigma around it and it should be seen as a neutral descriptor like short and tall. Part of what’s so awesome about She’s All Fat is that the hosts bring intersectional body-positive conversations, which often aren’t discussed, into public spaces.

5. The Cut on Tuesdays

This podcast discusses everything from culture, style, sex, and politics.

Molly Fischer, the host of The Cut, unpacks current affairs in the media. She does this with wit and intellect that the world could, quite frankly, use a little more of. One topic discussed is the Shitty Media Men Google Spreadsheet that sparked the #MeToo movement in 2017. In discussing this, a topic that cut close to female staffers, The Cut successfully brought together different narratives and contextualized the list by discussing the history of women outing their perpetrators when the justice system failed them.

6. The History Chicks

Ever noticed how women have been marginalized in history? Or ever noticed how often the media and history syllabuses focus on the achievements and roles of men?

If this has rightfully made you angry, you need to listen to The History Chicks. Using wonderful narratives, this podcast tells the tales of women in history, something we could all do with learning a little more about.

7. Nerdette

The hosts of Nerdette invite people onto the show to discuss what they are a nerd about. They chat to authors like Barbara Kingsolver and astronomers like Heidi Hammel to talk about their latest projects or adventures.

This show is everything you need in a podcast series: super cool women, fantastic discussions and an overarching feminist approach.