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Bookworms, we want YOU to pick the books for The Tempest’s first-ever Reading Challenge!

Call in sick at work and veto all invitations for the next month because the inaugural edition of The Tempest’s Reading Challenge is here! Its official launch will be coinciding with World Book Day on April 23. We’re over the moon to present this to you and can’t wait to get started.

Reading holds a special place in our hearts as books have the extraordinary ability to set you in someone else’s shoes. You see what they see. Feel what they feel and walk away with a deeper understanding of human nature.

Essentially, to quote American academic Charles Eliot, “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” In so many words, they’re an excellent way to better understand the world and people around us.

Our month-long reading challenge, then, is an invitation to you, our dear readers, to join us as we step into stories and worlds created to stimulate and inspire us. Together, we want the entire The Tempest fam to engage in narratives outside of our norm. Whether you identify as a bookworm, book dragon, or simply someone who enjoys an occasional page, we invite you to suggest your favorite books and read ours.

At the end of the Reading Challenge, we want you (and us!) to walk away as better-informed citizens of the world. And to accomplish this, we’ve put together a list of 10 categories for you to tick off throughout the month. You don’t have to read all the books to participate; you just have to promise to try and learn something new.

The Tempest celebrates authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity, and you’ll find all three reflected within our choice of categories. It’s not about simply finding a well-written tale, it’s about finding one that moves you, challenges and perhaps even changes your perception.

And while we have our categories down, we want YOU – a vital part of The Tempest fam – to suggest books to us. Which titles would you recommend under each bracket? Go wild!

List as many as you’d like in the short form here.

Keep in mind that you can skip a category if you don’t have books to recommend and you don’t need to read all the books to participate in the challenge.

The Tempest's Reading Challenge 2019 Checklist
[Image description: A checklist for the 11 categories of The Tempest’s Reading Challenge 2019] Copyright: The Tempest.
Entries close on 30 April. Edit: You can find the winning books to read here!

As soon as we announce the books, we’ll start discussing them on other platforms as well. If you’re looking for a sense of camaraderie during this challenge, look no further than our specially-curated Goodreads group. So, come join us there for updates, book suggestions, and lengthy discussions. 

And you’ll also find our reading community on Instagram and Twitter. Just search for the tag #TheTempestReadingChallenge2019 and don’t be shy. Use and abuse the hashtag to your heart’s content, always post your own updates tagging @WeAreTheTempest to be reshared!

Also, you’ll be seeing book reviews of titles from the reading challenge popping up. And we’re open and looking forward to receiving your pitches of the books you’re reading for the challenge as well! Drop our editor an email at with the subject title “Book Review Pitch – Reading Challenge.”

Recommend books, share the article, and keep an eye out next week for a curated list of our top picks!

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By Federica Bocco

Federica is The Tempest's former Editor-in-Chief and a journalist with a degree in Communications, an insatiable passion for humanities and anything involving dragons. Her biggest challenge in life is to smash the hetero-normative patriarchy while perpetually running around in seven-inch heels.

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