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Society stigmatizes gray hair, but these women are embracing their gray locks

While our society capitalizes off insecurities, the resilience and self-love of women are ever-expanding.

While our society capitalizes off insecurities, the resilience and self-love of women are ever-expanding. This is making it harder for society to dictate what is and isn’t beautiful.

The Instagram account Grombre is just one example of this. Grombre’s Instagram bio reads “the radical celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair”. This account features hundreds of women who have chosen to embrace their natural silver hair.

Women with gray hair, particularly younger women, have often faced the brunt of stigmatization and ridicule. These seven women are showing the world why gray is beautiful.

1. Vickie Heath

Vickie is a mother, actress, and model. Her Instagram account is filled with beautiful photos of her and her lovely long gray hair. She also has a Youtube channel where she talks about hair, shares her hair routine and recommends hair products.

2. Blair McLeod

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Thank you to my gal pal for introducing me to all my sisters over on @grombre! For the little over a year that I’ve been embracing the grey I’ve had so many great conversations with both women, men, and children (including my own). It’s for sure been a conversation starter, and sometimes awkward, – but always an opportunity to talk about my views on beauty, confidence, and my Maker. It’s not for everyone – and I don’t claim it as something women “should” or “need” to do, but I’m glad that I finally found that it was for me and am so thankful for my cheerleaders. If you’re looking for a cheerleader – I’ll be glad to join the squad! Edit to add: also find another great community over at @shegreygrey!

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On Instagram stories, Blair documents her experience in ditching the dye and transitioning to gray over the course of a year. She talks about how she initially used social media as a way of holding herself accountable, before finally deciding to throw out the hair dye, and found a wonderful network of women along the way.

3. Isa Bukowska

Isa started going gray when she was 15. She stopped dying her hair when she was 21 and has been embracing her silver hairs for almost two years. She talks about how she has learned to love her gray hairs and how society needs to too.

4. Sayeeda

Sayeeda’s Instagram account is an ongoing reflection of her journey in looking after and loving her hair. She talks about different hairstyles and ways to reduce the dryness of gray hair. Well, whatever she is doing, it’s definitely working.

5. Carline Gumbs

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Yesterday, I became internet famous ? courtesy of the @grombre community and @boredpanda. (See link in profile). But the real sense of pride came months before having fully accepted my grays and finding a fabulous community of women who also wanted to revel in their self-acceptance. My natural hair has been part of a greater journey of self-love and celebration of who AND what I am. Without reservation. I can say I'm truly starting to enjoy being me. Finally ? #selflove #selfacceptance #gettingbetterwithage #likefinewine #silverfox Reposted from @grombre – “My mom said I always had a small patch of silver from a child but not noticeable (I don't remember seeing grey hair as a child but my hair was thick and long so my mom would comb it and put it in really funky styles). As a young adult, I had dreadlocks but I would dye them black so they would look "healthy" and shiny. About 6 years ago, my hairdresser at the time said, "why are you dyeing these wonderful greys?!! People are paying to put grey in and you're covering yours up!". I stopped and embraced my silver patch. When I cut my locs off, my "mojo" (yes, that's what I call it) burst forth in all its glory… Did I say how thrilled I was to find this community?” @gummzeee #grombre #gogrombre – #regrann

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Six years ago, Carline stopped dying her silver patch of hair that has been present since she was a child. Her hairdresser encouraged her to embrace her silver hair by telling her how many people were choosing to dye their hair silver.

6. Mia Mancuso (thesoberglow)

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REMOVING MASKS. . • Just like with booze, I knew I would stop coloring my hair, eventually. • Just like with booze, I saw a life that was screaming at me to unveil. • Just like with booze, hair color was a mask. • Just like with booze, I am relearning who I am underneath. • Just like with booze, I am loving the let go. • Just like with booze, it's because I truly give AF and not the other way around. • Just like with booze, it's an awkward learning process. • Just like with booze, I am answering all the same questions from curious folks. • Just like with booze, the feeling of freedom is unmatched. • Just like with booze, its the best decision for this girls life!! . . . . #theSoberGlow #removerofmasks #whitehair #13weeks #soberandwhiteohmy? #grombre

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On her account, Mia documents her journey of giving up alcohol and choosing to go gray. She says that allowing her silver hair to grow was like removing a mask which—like giving up alcohol, has helped her relearn who she is and has given her a renewed sense of freedom.

7. Shelley G

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@healthy_hair_journey featured the pic I posted the other day. Someone commented that my face looked 30 (Yasss!!) but my hair looked 60 (yeesh). LOL!! . . . My thoughts on that? I’m 46, I’ve been greying since my 20s and the effort to dye constantly was no longer worth it to me. I struggled with the decision and the fact that people would no longer think I was younger than I am. It was like repeated punches to the gut when I got asked about 5 times if I was my 3 year old’s grandmother earlier this year. It was a KO when asked if I was my 16 year old niece’s!! But I’m gradually becoming more okay with not being seen as younger than I am anymore. I’m 46, with a beautiful 3 year old, loving husband, and a job as a corporate director. So, hopefully when people see me they will see a middle-aged woman with a head of grey who is confident and comfortable in her own skin AND grey hair. ? #grombre #destinationgrey #youcammakeup

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Shelley runs a blog called Hairscapades where she talks about hair and learning to look after and love her natural curly and gray hair. She says that the hardest part of choosing to stop dying her hair was having to give up her perceived impression of youth. Choosing to own her gray hair has helped Shelley become more confident and happy in her own skin.