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I used to hit that snooze button, until I realized I could feel more rested without it

THIS is how I taught myself to wake up better.

Before becoming a morning person, I used to spend hours trying to get out of bed, snoozing my alarm clock a billion times. It didn’t feel great. I was neither awake nor asleep but paralyzed by fear at the day to come. This was mainly because I didn’t use my time wisely. Scheduling time in the morning for myself felt great even though its hard getting out of bed. Waking up and feeling accomplished and fresh by 8 a.m is morally uplifting and empowering in its own special way.

Your alarm is going off and you’re about to hit snooze but then you remember that you have a fun new morning routine to try. A morning routine that you love will set the tone for your day. Think about the days when you wake up and rush out of your bed to get to class or work because you’re going to be late in 10 minutes. You’re still in your pajamas and you’re wondering how the hell this keeps happening. That is the morning routine for many. I used to be like that, and occasionally I still am that person. On days when I rush to work, I feel flustered and half asleep and I kind of hate my life.  It sucks. I feel unprepared, I look disheveled and know I need to make up for the time I lost snoozing.

Unsurprisingly, step one to a successful morning routine is getting an adequate amount of sleep. You know… so that you’re able to wake up. I like to turn on Downtime on my phone at around 10:30 because I waste so much time scrolling on social media. Putting apps on your phone that will control the amount of time you spend on them is a good idea if you also have a scrolling problem.

Ok, so you wake up and now you need the incentive to stay awake. If you don’t have a reason to jump out of bed and be excited, this is a moment you can seize to create one. You can read in bed before work, meditate or clean and reorganize your space. Whatever you do, it has to make you feel happy and fulfilled in some way.

If you want to go big, you can go for a morning run. A friend of mine used to do this while she was training for a marathon and she told me about how accomplished she used to feel getting that done before work. An extra benefit for her was she could eat more knowing that she had burned more calories. I am no runner, but I do enjoy stretching in the morning before I go sit at a desk for 9 hours.

I am only beginning to embrace waking up early. However, I noticed that I feel better on days when I give myself time to wake up. I like to listen to happy, mellow tunes while I stretch and get dressed. Then I prepare and eat my breakfast and sometimes have extra time to scroll through my phone.

Giving yourself time to eat breakfast in the morning is great for your health. Breakfast is important but if you can’t stomach any food in the morning, why not have a healthy boost in liquid form! A smoothie is a refreshing and energizing substitute for solid foods. It’s best to drink your smoothie or eat breakfast before having your morning coffee to avoid stomach ulcers.

If you need to get more inspiration for morning routines, check out this website with over 300 morning routines for you to browse through. You can get all sorts of cool ideas that may help you create your own perfect morning routine. Eliza Bank’s morning routine is simple and functional and is the basis for my current routine.  I aspire to discipline myself to wake up at 5:30 to exercise regularly like Hitha Palepu within the next few months.

Just remember not to punish yourself if you do not complete your morning routine. Being the best you takes time and commitment. Start off with a simple routine then add things as you go along. You will gradually become more comfortable with making time for yourself until you have the perfect customized morning routine, tailor-made for you, by you.

You’ll be rising and shining in no time!