If you’re looking for an incredibly sassy main character, Margo is for you. The Magicians is a tv show that deserves more popularity than it gets, and so does Margo Hanson. So many important themes are explored, and everything is always seen through the experiences of millennials.

And don’t even get me started on how good this series is for sexual and racial representation.

You can watch seasons 1-3 of The Magicians on Netflix. Season 4 will premiere on January 24. In the meantime, binge the first seasons and enjoy some of the finest moments of Queen Margo, played by the amazingly talented Summer Bishil, being a sassy feminist queen.

1. “You are not gonna cock out on me.”

Margo Hanson
[Image description: Margo saying “I’d say pussy, but let’s be honest, which one is tougher?”]
Shots! Fired! Margo is right; anatomically, pussies are tougher. They push full babies out. She likes reminding people of this fact.

2. “I’m a very smart, very liberated woman.”

[Image description: Margo facing Price Ess of Loria]
Ess had no idea the hurricane he’s dealing with. Margo is possibly the most liberated character on television right now.

3. “Get over yourself, Ned Stark.”

[Image description: Margo telling Eliot “Get over yourself, Ned Stark.”]
Eliot: “Since when are you, Fillory Clinton?”

Margo: “Since I’m me.”

The Game of Thrones references on this show are endless, and we love it.

4. “Mansplaining is a bad thing.”

[Image description: Margo saying “Mansplaining is a bad thing.”]
Pick: “But I’m a man. Explaining. Is that not mansplaining? Perhaps you could woman-splain it to me.”

Margo: *facepalms*

Margo bringing 21st-century lingo in Fillory and then dealing with the misunderstandings and complexities of the English language is fun to watch.

5. “I chose [to be High Queen]. And I have had to fight for every shred of authority. And no offense, but you can’t understand because it was handed to you.”

[Image description: Margo saying “I chose it. And I have had to fight for every shred of authority.”]
Eliot is Margo’s number one supporter, but sometimes Margo has to remind him of his white man privilege. The people of Fillory won’t accept the High Queen’s authority as easily as they accepted the High King, but she will make them. She just wants to do some good to all her people; she will make them love her.

5. “We’re stuck in some epic fantasy that likes to behead heroes halfway through season one.”

[Image description: Margo saying “if we even are heroes…”]
“…We might be comic relief.”

The meta on this show is one of the greatest things.

Spoiler alert: they don’t all make it to season 2, but nobody was beheaded (not for lack of trying).

6. “So this is what the patriarchy smells like?”

[Image description: Margo saying to the council room “So this is what the patriarchy smells like?”]
“It’s not the freshest.”

The woke High Queen won’t take this blatant misogyny that belongs in the Middle Ages.

7. “Did he just call me a virgin?”

[Image description: Margo saying “Did he just call me a virgin?”]
Margo takes sexual freedom very seriously, okay? She won’t be here for slut-shaming of any kind, and that includes pretending to be a virgin when she’s not.

8. “I used to think that pirates were kinda cute in a Johnny Depp sort of way, but the fact is, the real thing is kinda dirty and fucked up in a Johnny Depp sort of way.”

[Image description: Margo saying “Jack Sparrow”]
Abusers will be held accountable. We all thought Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow was the coolest thing ever when we were younger until the domestic abuse accusations came about.

9. “That is not totally consistent with the books.”

Margo and Quentin
[Image description: Margo saying “Jesus. That is not totally consistent with the books.”, Quentin agrees, “No, it’s not.”]
We love a nerd queen who takes her source material seriously and is upset when the plot is altered. This is also a big meta moment because The Magicians tv show is tonally very different from the books it’s based on.

We often forget that Margo is indeed a big fantasy fan. She knows the Fillory books almost as well as Quentin does, and she made Eliot read Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire. (Although he disappointed her by only reading the Wikis.)

10. “I am not your sweetheart.”

[Image description: Margo ready for battle]
Louder for the people in the back! Margo reminds Ess that they may have slept together, but that doesn’t give him the right to think of Margo as his.

11. “I’m here to motherfuckin’ parlay, Ms. King.”

[Image description: Margo saying “I’m here to motherfucking parlay, Ms. King” to the Pirate King.]
“You just took my goddamn boat, which tells me you’re not one to pay attention to a safe word.”

This scene where the feared Pirate King turned out to be a woman was nothing short of iconic. Margo proves just how bisexual she is when she admits the King is indeed very hot and she would love to engage in certain activities, but they have more pressing matters at hand.

The scene also serves as a foreshadowing for Margo being elected High King later in the season.

12. “We’re gonna put our Jimmy Choos so far up your ass; you’re gonna taste next season!”

[Image description: Margo declaring war on the Kingdom of Loria.]
War declarations done with style. Margo does not tolerate being toyed with.

Ess and his kingdom of Loria will rightfully face her wrath.

13. “I call high queen!”

Margo putting her crown on
[Image description: Margo putting her crown on, a Fillorian forest in the background]
Not that there was any chance at all that Eliot might choose anybody other than his best friend and life partner to rule beside him, but Margo likes to state what she wants loud and clear. We love an assertive queen.

14. “Wage gaps? Thigh gaps?”

[Image description: Margo arguing with Eliot that they’re not doing enough to civilize Fillory]
Margo is firmly committed to destroying sexism in her kingdom, even if they are centuries behind… and she’s not too happy with how little progress they’ve made in two seasons.

15. “You’re acting like this is your first regicide.”

[Image description: Margo saying “You’re acting like this is your first regicide” in a Fillorian forest.]
They’ve killed a god before if that counts! But the Fairy Queen played by the one and only Candis Cayne will prove to be a worthy enemy and almost impossible to beat.

16. “Dude. You’re gonna leave a mark, and I don’t like that in a non-sexual context.”

Margo pointing her finger at Eliot
[Image description: Margo pointing her finger at Eliot disapprovingly.]
I dare you to find a better line. Margo is constantly teaching her friends and the audience that one should never be ashamed of their sexual habits and preferences.

17. “Get your feet off my throne!”

Margo looking fierce
[Image description: Margo looking fierce]
Do not touch Margo’s throne with your dirty feet, Quentin. Don’t test her, she’s already threatened to kill you twice today, and you’re one of her best friends.

18. “My crown is just as heavy as yours.”

[Image description: Margo telling Eliot “My crown is just as heavy as yours.”]
Queen Margo is definitely not buying the king’s supremacy. She reminds Eliot of this fact every time she needs to, just as she should. Let’s destroy the outdated notion that a king holds more power than a queen.

Especially since they’re ruling as equal monarchs, not as queen regnant and consort.

19. “It’s 2018 babe, the ladies are leading.”

Margo and Eliot
[Image description: Margo telling Eliot “It’s 2018, babe. The ladies are leading.”]
Eliot: “You’re always leading.”

This was from a promotional video called “Royal Advice with Eliot and Margo,” not from the actual show, but hey, they’re in character, so it counts, right?

20. “If you keep drinking, I will seriously cut a bitch.”

Margo and Quentin
[Image description: Margo taking Quentin’s glass away and saying “if you keep drinking, I will seriously cut a b*tch”]
Quentin: “Not cool. Those grapes died for nothing now.”

Margo: “Those grapes died so you might live.”

Margo knows very well how to deal with a drinking problem, and she’s all about Quentin quitting drinking. Her methods might not be the most popular but they seem to work.

21. “I’m ready to go full-on-’07-Britney.”

Margo and Eliot
[Image description: Margo telling Eliot “I’m about ready to go full ’07 Britney”, with on-screen subtitles saying “I am prepared to beat her to death, with an umbrella, if necessary”]
Margo and Eliot’s iconic coded conversation was so full of the ’90s, and 00’s pop culture references that it required on-screen translation to English. Anyone not from our generation would have had no clue what they were talking about.

22. “Vaginas. The leading cause of death in men.”

Anatomy book
[Image description: Margo pointing to an anatomy book and saying “Vaginas.”]
[Image description: Margo saying “The leading cause of death in men.”]
“Worst of all, they bleed. Every month. In fact, mine’s doing it right now.”

Margo took it upon herself to teach the kid some sex ed. And she might have scared him just a little in the process…

23. “Ovary up!”

[Image description: Margo telling Tick to “Ovary up!”]
No explanation needed here.

Margo truly is an iconic character that teaches great life lessons to everybody watching the show. We’re so thankful to have her and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next season.

Eliot and Margo
[Image description: Eliot kneeling in front of Margo and kissing the back of her hand, saying “High King Margo, long may you reign.”]
Long may she reign!

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