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Reduce stress with these quick and easy styles for thick hair

And no, you won't need a professional stylist or massive amount of hairspray to make them work

Having thick hair can be a blessing and a curse. Thick hair has a life of its own and can make you feel glamorous. On the other hand, on bad days, you could wind up looking something like a young bushy-haired Hermione Granger or hair-to-the-sky Albert Einstein.

When I was younger, I took ballet lessons. Somehow, my mother was able to shape my hair into a smooth, perfect bun. I’ve never been able to achieve this look. My hair laughs at a hair clip as it envelops the entire thing. It snaps thin hair ties and eats them for breakfast.

On those days when I need to go the extra mile to make my hair look good, finding hairstyles or updos can feel like a struggle. Most of the time, it will only last half the day before it falls down. Thick hair is resistant to being tamed and it can sometimes feel so frustrating. But there are a few simple tricks you can do to get a nice updo without the stress.


Braids Are Your Friend

If you can master a braid, you can definitely get this braided look. The tutorial by Fancy Hair is fairly straightforward and I could see this working with a regular braid, a french braid, or a fishtail braid.

[Image description: YouTuber Fancy Hair with a fishtail braided look.] Via YouTube
This 1940’s inspired rolled bun by Youtuber Ditte Jochumsen would be a great hairstyle for a wedding or party. It’s straightforward, providing you have enough pins and maybe a bit of hairspray.

[image description: YouTuber Ditte Jochumsen with a rolled bun look.] Via YouTube

For curls, simple is best

If you have super curly hair like beauty Youtuber Nina Deliz, this ultra-voluminous, sophisticated pineapple look shared by Marie Claire is attainable with a thick hair tie, some water, styling lotion, and coconut oil.

[Image description: YouTuber Nina Deliz with pineapple look.] Via YouTube
Similarly, this pin-up look by YouTuber harmonicurls is simple but winds up looking very glam. With some simple sectioning and rolling, you can get this pinup look with no problem.

[image description: YouTuber harmonicurls with pin-up look.] Via YouTube

Messy Can Be Good

When in doubt, let it get a little messy. Having a slightly loose bun isn’t always a bad thing. It can help create a more natural fun look that works for day-to-day wear and casual parties. This braided messy bun from Milabu is very easy. She even shows you how to add some waves after washing it to add a polished look.

[Image description: YouTuber Milabu with a messy braided hair.] Via YouTube
Tired of seeing your friends put up their hair in five seconds? Master the messy bun with this easy tutorial by Shellbzola. She shows you three different ways (!!!) you can achieve the messy yet put together look.

[Image description: YouTuber Shelbzolla with a messy bun.] Via YouTube
There are a million tutorials online that claim they are easy updos for thick hair. Not all of them will be of course but find one that works for you. Having a mirror, a good brush, some product, and of course, plenty of practice is key. I’m excited to try out these looks. It can be fun to try out a new style especially if you’re headed to a wedding or party!