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Simple ways to boost your confidence

Don't just build your confidence, maintain it.

Being confident can be very tough. Especially in the age of instabaddies and pressure to always be at your best, it can be hard to have a high self-esteem. Whether it’s self-confidence in your looks, intelligence, personality, or all the above, there is no shame in doing some small things to make you feel better about yourself. Some of these suggestions may make you feel a little silly, but they go a long way in making you feel like the queen that you are.

Positive affirmations

[Gif description: A black woman saying "I am smart" and "I am capable"] via Giphy
[Gif description: A black woman saying “I am smart” and “I am capable”] via Giphy
If standing in front of a mirror and saying “I am strong”, “I am beautiful”, “I am capable” works for you, keep doing it. Being able to look at yourself and say positive things can be incredibly empowering. However, a 2015 study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience showed that stating self-affirmations that were future-oriented proved more effective. Having a reward and self-evaluation system is something that can be greatly beneficial. If the affirmations that you’ve seen aren’t working for you, consider reflecting on the values that are important to you, happy memories of your family/friends, and how you can apply the same energy and values in the future. Additionally, consider keeping a journal and writing those values and your reflection down! Maybe even put them on your mirrors and walls as daily reminders, Being Mary Jane style.

Wear your confidence

[Gif description: A scene from RuPaul's Drag Race with a contestant dressed up and giving face on the runway] via Giphy
[Gif description: A scene from RuPaul’s Drag Race with a contestant dressed up and giving face on the runway] via Giphy
Wearing something that you feel good in can go a long way. Dress well, test well isn’t just for college students. It’s for everyone. Sometimes wearing your favorite shirt or taking the time to do some makeup or going natural can be the extra something that makes you feel ready to conquer the day. This doesn’t have to mean going all out. If you feel the most comfortable and confident in sweats, rock it! Don’t wear what you think others will like you in. Wear what you feel confident in.

Along with that, dressing well and feeling confident in your skin can also mean wearing lingerie! Again, the key is wearing it for you.

Practice what you love

[Gif description: someone practicing piano on a pano, laptop, table, and cat with the words "Practice, Practice, Practice"] via Giphy
[Gif description: someone practicing piano on a piano, laptop, table, and cat with the words “Practice, Practice, Practice”] via Giphy
Practice makes perfect, and becoming more advanced and knowledgeable in a subject can make you feel more empowered to take it on full force. So if you like guitar, but are insecure about your skills make time to practice a little every day. Or maybe you like writing, so start your own blog! Or maybe you just want to know more information to speak about a certain topic more eloquently, study a little every day. The point here is, pushing yourself to become more comfortable with something will make you more confident and fearless about it. Also, if it’s something that you love, you’ll simply enjoy yourself and make yourself happier.

This is just a start. You not only have to work on building your confidence, but maintaining that confidence.