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25 ugly Christmas sweaters you can wear at your next holiday party

You're guaranteed to win the next sweater contest.

One of the biggest and most important parts of the Holiday tradition is the ugly Christmas sweater. It doesn’t matter what kind of holiday you celebrate, everyone owns an ugly sweater. There are parties dedicated to the ugly Christmas sweater and they even make them for your dogs. Here we’ve compiled 25 of the best ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to your next party.

1. Harry Potter Sweater

[Image description: Harry Potter themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters] via Etsy
It’s perfect for those who want to slytherin on the couch and watch Netflix. It’s a keeper.  

2.  Hamilton Sweater

[Image description: Hamilton Christmas sweater] via
You may not be able to afford those pricey tickets, but you can stream the Hamilton soundtrack while dancing in this sweater.

3. Stranger Things Sweater

[Image description: Stranger Things Ugly Christmas sweater] via Etsy
While you wait for next season, wear this Stranger Things sweater to ward off the Demogorgon. 

4. The Present Sweater

[Image description: A model wearing a sweater with a gold bow] Via Amazon
Didn’t have time to get gifts? Wear this sweater and sit under the tree.

5. Tall & Short Elf sweaters

[Image description: Two girls wearing tall elf and short elf sweaters] Via Etsy
Buy these matching sweaters for your tall (or short) friend.  You can buy them here.

6. Friends Sweater

[Image description: Friends Ugly Christmas sweater] via Etsy
Could this sweater be any uglier? How you doin?

7. The Pokémon Fan

[Image description: a model wearing a red pokémon themed sweater.] Via Etsy
Buy this sweater for the ultimate Pokémon fan.

8. Spider-Man Sweater

[Image description: Spider-Man Ugly Christmas shirt] via Macy’s
With “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse” coming out this holiday season, this is the perfect sweater to get any Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or Spider-Gwen fan.

9. Star Wars Sweater

[Image description: A green sweater with Chewbacca on the front] Via Etsy
Embrace your inner Chewbacca this holiday season with this Chewbacca Santa sweater.

10. Disney Sweater

[Image description: A woman wearing a red Micky Mouse sweater] via Forever21
  Feel warm and magical with this Disney themed sweater.

11. Lord of the Rings Sweater

[image description: Lord of the Rings themed black sweater.] Via Etsy
You might not be able to go to the Shire, but you can still wear this sweater.

12. Zelda Sweater

[Image description: Zelda ugly Christmas sweater] via Etsy
Here’s an ugly Christmas sweater that some of the gamers in your life will enjoy.

13. Family Sweater Set

[Image description: Ugly Christmas sweaters for the family] via Etsy
Get your family in on the holiday spirit with these cute red sweaters.

14. The Newlyweds Sweater

[Image description: Couples Christmas sweater] via Etsy
  Embarrass your partner with these couple sweaters!

15. Santa Dabbing Sweater

[Image description: ugly Christmas sweater with Santa dabbing.] via Etsy
Get this sweater for the kid who still thinks that dabbing is cool. (Newsflash, it’s not).

16. Baby’s Elf Size Christmas Sweater

[Image description: An elf size baby outfit.] Via Etsy
Your baby is never too cute to wear an ugly Christmas outfit.

17. All I Want For Christmas is this sweater

[Image description: Woman wearing All I Want For Christmas is Wine sweater] Via Amazon
Wear your Christmas wishlist on your sweater instead of sending it to loved ones. You’ll save a lot of paper.

18. Yoga Santa Sweater

[image description: A blue sweater that has a picture of Santa and the words Namasleigh] Via Etsy
The holiday season can be stressful, wear this sweater, get into the downward dog position and remember to breathe.

19.  For your Dog

[image description: A dog wearing a red sweater that says Merry Christmas ya filthy human.] Via Etsy
Here’s a cute ugly sweater for your furry friend. You can get it here.

20. For your Cat

[Image description: A cat dressed as Santa] via Etsy
If you think your cat will love this Santa hat, then this is the perfect one for your pet.

21. Reindeer Sweater

[Image description: A man wearing a red sweater with a plush reindeer.] Via Halloween Costumes
Become the reindeer this holiday season. Hopefully, Santa will hire you for his sleigh.

22. Tina Belcher Sweater

[Image description: a black sweater with the character Tina Belcher on it] Via Amazon
Charm your crush with this explosive Tina Belcher sweater.

23. Cardi B Sweater

[Image Description: a red Christmas sweater with a picture of Cardi B] Via Etsy
Cardi B had a fantastic year, close it out with this Shmoney sweater. Okrr!

24. Queen B Sweater

[Image Description: A red sweater with a picture of Beyoncé] Via Beyoncé.com
This sweater is a bit pricey, but it has a picture of the Queen herself. Feel regal and dominate the holiday this season.

25. The Cat Lover

[Image description: Christmas sweater that says Meowy Catmas] via Target
Here’s the perfect sweater for your friend who’s obsessed with cats.


Happy Holidays!

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