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9 most awkward Miss USA moments that will make you cringe

Take a look at some of the cringiest pageant responses.

The Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants are no stranger to some cringe-worthy and straight up awful answers. I mean, it can be hard to eloquently answer difficult questions quickly, but some of the answers given have been pretty hard to listen to. 

1. 2007 Miss South Carolina Teen USA

2007 Miss South Carolina Teen USA, Caitlin Upton, infamously responded to question of why a fifth of Americans couldn’t locate the U.S. on a world map. She’s come to laugh it off, but this answer was definitely one for the books.

2. 2013 Miss Utah

This was definitely hard to watch. 2013 Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, was clearly a bundle of nerves, but nonetheless, Powell’s answer about income inequality made me cringe several times.

3. 2011 Miss USA Contestants on Evolution

“Should evolution be taught in school?” Well, according to many of the 2011 Miss USA contestants, it should not be. Here’s the full original video if you want to aggravate yourself further.

4. 2009 Miss California

2009 Miss California, Carrie Prejean, showed her ignorance firstly when she expressed that she was against gay marriage and secondly when she referred to heterosexual marriages as “opposite marriage.” I mean, really?

5. 1995 Miss Minnesota

“Affirmative action is important for your career and I think that they work together.” Yeah, I just had to sigh with this one.

6. 2009 Miss Arizona

[Image description of Kenan Thompson and Miss Arizona 2009] via dailybeast video
[Image description of Kenan Thompson and Miss Arizona 2009] via Daily Beast video
Apparently, the U.S. having universal healthcare as a right of citizenship is based on integrity? Really?

7. 2012 Miss California 

Miss California 2012 Leah Cecil should have kept it short when she said she didn’t know much about euthanasia. Instead, she went the extra mile and gave us “… I do know it’s a vaccine.”

8. 1994 Miss Hawaii 

“We are truly the land of the great. From the rocky shores of Hawaii to the beautiful sandy beaches of Hawaii… America is our home.”  I winced at this one.

9. 2018 Miss USA

“She pretends to know so much English.”

Yes, that’s a real thing that Miss USA said in 2018. The Miss Universe pageant contestant, Sarah Rose Summers, along with her peers Miss Australia (Francesca Hung) and Miss Colombia (Valeria Morales) shared a video stating how it was “cute” that Miss Vietnam “pretends” to know English and then goes on to share her thoughts on Miss Cambodia’s inability to speak English.

In the 54-second video, she mocks non-English speakers, demeans their attempts to communicate by calling it “cute,” and commends another contestant for her excellent English speaking skills. So, I guess the dumb comments don’t only come from nerves and pressure to think quick.

These were all pretty painful to watch, to say the least.