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10 things I’m really tired of hearing as a twin

I don't know what it's like being a single child. Is it weird to be you?

You know those twins from “The Shining?” I have something in common with them.

Mainly, that I’m a twin, too.

I’m also from a place, Winnipeg, that can be very cold.

To think of it, that’s where those similarities end.

I have a twin brother, whose name is David. After twenty years of living, I wouldn’t call myself an expert in being a twin. Although I definitely have experience with being one. What I do know is what annoys me about being a twin. Mostly, what annoys me is what people say about me and my twin and the questions I constantly get.

1. “Are you two identical?”

Image description: Julia and David Metraux sitting down on a vacation in Sicily at age 5. Via Daniel Metraux

This question is usually asked when we’re together.

We don’t look alike. Also, to be specific, we are different biological sexes. So, it is impossible for us to be identical. This annoys me because I don’t get how anyone could look at us and think we’re identical.

2. “Wow, he’s much taller than you.”

Image description: Julia and David Metraux posing in front of a painting with their dog Lucky. Via Daniel Metraux

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Also, thanks for pointing out my greatest physical insecurity. Yes, my brother is eight inches taller than me. But I’m closer to the ground. This means I don’t have to bend down as much to pet puppies.

3. “Is it weird being a twin?”

Image description: David squeezing Julia’s nose in Switzerland. Via Daniel Metraux.

I don’t know what it’s like to not be a twin. Is it weird not being a twin?

4. “You two must be so close.”

Image Description: Julia and David Metraux drinking Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California. Via Julia Metraux

We were closer when we were little. We’ve grown a bit apart with age, as we found our own interests. I think most siblings are like this — not just twins.

5. “Do you miss him a lot?”

Image Description: Julia and David Metraux at their high school graduation. Via Daniel Metraux

I miss a lot of people a lot — I don’t miss my twin anymore than I do with any other friends from my elementary and secondary school days.

One “sibling” that I do miss more than anything in life is my dog. I will gladly talk to anyone for hours about how much I miss my dog.

6. “Is he politically active, too?”

Image description: Julia and David Metraux eating dinner with their dad during their sophomore year of high school. Via Daniel Metraux

Nope. Trust me — I’ve tried to make him. I’ve always been outspoken for things I support. My support of Palestinian human rights being one. David, not so much. That’s the way he is — I can’t change him.

I wish this wasn’t the case though, which makes it a frustrating question to answer.

7. “You two must talk often.”

Image description: Julia and David Metraux wearing shirts of universities they planned to attend during their senior year of high school. Via Daniel Metraux

We don’t. I wish we did, and I’ve tried to talk more. David just has a 2-week response time.

I can’t make him more communicative than we are.

8. “Who’s the smarter one?”

Image Description: Julia and David Metraux posing with their dog Lucky for senior portrait shots for their high school yearbook. Via Catherine Argyrople photography

Why does there have to be a smarter one? My twin and I are both intelligent people. We just have different interests, academically and outside the classrooms. I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. I’ve also pursued journalism and media opportunities, as well as pursued social justice causes.

Meanwhile, my brother is studying to receive a joint Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Biology. He’s also doing research on grasshoppers and is a moderator on Reddit.

9. “He’s the older one, right?”

Image Description: Julia and David Metraux at the entrance of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California. Via Julia Metraux


10. “Do you two compete with each other?”

Image Description: Julia and David Metraux with their grandma in Florida. Via Julia Metraux

Nope. Why would you assume that we would? Also, we have completely different interests. So, we would never be applying for the same thing anyways.

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