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Newsflash: You’re so much more than the strain of grass you like to smoke

Just because you're always toking up doesn't mean that should be your entire life.

As Canada is legalizing the recreational use of marijuana after decades of prohibition, this is a huge moment for cannabis lovers everywhere.

Between folks that need medical marijuana for physical illnesses such as fibromyalgia and mental illnesses like PTSD, all the way up to people who just enjoy smoking a joint after a long day of work, this is a history-making moment. What I’m concerned about are the stoners that believe smoking weed is a personality.

Let me explain what a personality stoner is.

A personality stoner is someone who smokes, eats, sleeps and breathes weed.

They mostly talk about strains, different ways to get high, dab rigs, bongs, etc. These people will try and convince you that weed could grow back your arm if you cut it off. Weed culture has become so whitewashed, it’s really sad.

You can’t go to any mall in my hometown without seeing a couple of young white kids thinking they’re cool because they’re smoking a poorly rolled joint.

These personality stoners I speak of usually only wear red, green and yellow, mostly listen to Bob Marley or songs about smoking/dealing/buying weed and sometimes, if they’re in really deep they’ll try to tell to you that they’re a ‘Rasta.’

Rastafarianism is an actual religion, and I promise you it’s not based around marijuana. Sure, smoking cannabis is a part of Rastafarians spiritual practice, but smoking and listening to Marley does not automatically make you a Rasta. And if it wasn’t obvious, like 98 percent of these types of stoners are white.

As someone who doesn’t smoke weed due to paranoia, I’m kind of an outcast in my hometown.

I used to smoke, and I even worked for a smoke shop.

(Or as we call them, head shops. They give you brain, maaaan.)

I know quite a bit about marijuana, strains, types, and ways to smoke. But because I don’t smoke, I can’t be apart of the culture. Even when I have suggestions, my voice isn’t considered valid because I don’t partake in the ganga goodness.

I am so incredibly sick of talking to people who only talk about weed.

Marijuana has so many health benefits, but it’s not for everyone. It’s not going to fix my heart problem, and it’s not going to help me lose weight. It’s not going to help my anxiety, no matter how many times you explain how Indica works to me.

And oh god, don’t you EVER mention the negative effects to these personality stoners. If I had a dollar for every time I got yelled at for explaining the dangers of driving high, I would have enough money to pay lawyers for all of the people of color still in prison for marijuana-related charges.

My old group of “friends” used to sit in someone’s room, basement, or shed, smoke weed and talk shit. That’s it. That would be the entire night. Most folks in this group felt as though weed made them more creative, and that they felt terrible without it.

Again, because I don’t smoke I didn’t have much to contribute so this was a really fun friendship to be a part of for four years.

The main reason I’m writing this is that not everyone uses marijuana the way you do, personality stoner.

Not everyone can take a massive bong hit and be fine. Paranoia, anxiety, and depression can all come from smoking weed, and no matter how desperate you are for everyone and their grandma to smoke, it may not happen and you have to still be okay with that.

Some people don’t smoke, and that doesn’t make them a ‘nark’ or uncool or whatever. Different things are meant for different people.

My best advice to you, sweet stoners, is to leave people alone.

There’s no need to get up in someone’s face about how they can only smoke a half gram every once in a while. Don’t freak out at people when they explain to you that Bob Marley’s birthday was not 4/20 and that he wasn’t the one to start 4/20.

Weed is fun and, of course, it’s magical, but it doesn’t need to replace your humanity or ability to be a decent person.