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Fight the patriarchy and look fly as hell with this bad-ass F**K Kavanaugh lipstick

And support anti-sexual assault organizations at the same time

These past few weeks, we’ve seen the United States government’s true colors as they confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime Supreme Court seat, despite being accused of sexual assault by numerous women. Many were left shocked, angry, and feeling defeated. If one woman’s traumatic experience seems not to matter when choosing a judge to lay impartial decisions on future cases, why should any of us ever speak up again?

If you’re feeling unheard, or work in a community where you can’t express your views, or you just need something small to put a bright spot in your day, you can still rebel quietly by wearing Lipslut’s newest lipstick, F**K Kavanaugh. Founder Katie Sones created the lipstick in protest of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. After witnessing Brett Kavanaugh’s “hotheadedness” at his hearing, she wanted to make a shade that portrayed the exact opposite mood – a color that was  ‘calm, cool, and collected.’ “If the highest levels of government won’t listen to us, who will? To me, this entire mess serves as a microcosm for how thousands of women’s experiences and traumas are treated every day – we had to act,” said Sones.

This “cool-tone maroon” color will not only match your fall wardrobe but will leave your message on your lips for all to see. With the lipstick’s release, Sones also committed to donating 100% of the proceeds to anti-sexual assault organizations, such as RAINN, NO MORE, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence and End the Backlog.

F**K Kavanaugh Liquid Lipstick. Photo by Lipslut.

Sones was inspired to create her first lipstick – a mid-tone nude pink called F**K Trump – after Trump was inaugurated in January 2017. She wanted to take a stand but didn’t want to merely donate money to a cause. From this came Lipslut. Half of the proceeds for F**K Trump went to civil right’s organizations, chosen democratically, by allowing you to vote on your charity choice with your purchase. In June, when Trump rolled out his anti-immigration policies that separated families at the border, Sones started a Zero Tolerance campaign, which donated 100% of the proceeds to charities helping families affected by the immigration policies. She ended up raising $100,000. In August 2017, after the white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, Sones launched another campaign that allowed customers to donate to victims, raising $40,000 in just four days.

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F**K Trump Lipstick Via Lipslut

Sones other products include F**K Hollywood, created in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which donates 50% of the proceeds to anti-sexual assault organizations. Their other lipstick, Leftylibglobalistsantifacommiesocialisthollyweirdopigs is described as a deepcoolberrypurplishbluetoneplumredwine. The name of the lipstick pokes fun at the silly names, conservatives have for leftists. Despite the fact that the profits don’t go to a charity, its name is still entertaining.

Though buying a lipstick doesn’t seem like it will change much, consider the fact that with your purchase you are choosing to support a makeup company that is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but one that is taking a political stance when many companies refuse to do so. You can at least feel satisfied that by buying from Lipslut, you are supporting charities doing important work and fighting the patriarchy, all while looking fabulous.