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31 of the most creative Halloween costumes we’ve seen this year

A roundup of the best Halloween costumes the internet has to offer

Halloween is the perfect time to show off how clever you are. We love seeing how people take their one opportunity to change themselves, and see how they use it! From dogs dressed up as memes, to a group of friends becoming emojis, this years Halloween did not disappoint. Here are 31 of our favorite Halloween Costumes!

1. The Notorious RBG

This little girl’s parents covered up her wheelchair with this powerful judge’s stand. This costume is truly notorious!

2. Hocus Pocus

The love for Hocus Pocus has put a spell on us this year, and we’re totally game! We love seeing

3. This woman made her costume exclusively out of Halloween Decorations


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This woman holds more creativity in her pinky toe than I do in my entire body of work. Her Spider Queen costume is absolutely stunning!

4. This is the only baby shark I want to hear about


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“Baby Shark” was a song we sang on the bus in 5th grade, why is it a thing now? This baby shark however, can doo, doo, doo all over my heart.

5. Flash the sloth

Yes, he is a sloth and yes his name is flash. It’s only fitting that he would work at the DMV.

6. When you love your pets a little too much

All of our pets are our children and it’s only right that we emulate them.

7. The Incredibles

Shout out to the family for turning the wheelchair into a superpower!

8. The Joker

The make-up and green hair make for a convincingly pretty yet terrifying Joker.

9. Bring It On!


There is no competition with this team on the floor. Brr it’s cold in here!

10. Nothing like a 90’s throwback


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Nailed it @essencetatiana ?

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Janet Jackson & Tupac are iconic for not only their music, but their iconic roles in Poetic Justice. (every one wanted those poetic justice braids).

11. The legend of the headless child.

I always thought it would be the parents who would finally lose their head.

12. The Cutest Delivery Boy

There is nothing better than seeing a meme come to life. Especially when it involves dogs AND pizza.

13. Bratz Doll

These dolls always had style, class and big heads. The make-up? The hair? 12 year old me is LIVING.

14. Phoni Braxton

Only legends pay homage to other legends!

15. Missy Elliott as…Missy Elliott

Imagine being so talented that you have no other choice but to dress as yourself? Just another example of black women blessings.

16. To All The Lara’s I’ve Loved Before

Everyone needs to scroll through this (very long) thread of the the best Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsy impersonators.  They’re very good and you’ll probably start crying again.

17. This amazing makeup look

There are talented make-up artists of color lurking in the shadows! Find them!

18. This adorable loofah

Check out this adorable baby ready for bath time. She’s going to give you clear skin and lots of giggles.

19. This woman trying to bond with her cat.

Unlike dogs, cats do not appreciate the lengths pet owners will go.

20. The dreaded slack notification

The scariestest thing known in existence. There is no escaping it, once you hear that bell, you know.

21. This hitchhiking ghost family


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Welcome, foolish mortals. We hope your Halloween is happily haunted, but heed this warning: beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts! @nph

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Nothing better than a family full of ghouls!

22. That hilarious Fresh Prince scene

The Fresh Prince has always had iconic moments, but the You are my Sunshine, will always reign surpreme.

23. The Black Panther family

When we said Wakanda Forever, we meant it.

24. Susie Carmichael


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#HappyHalloween ? whatcha being for Halloween?

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Be honest, Susie was THAT girl on Rugrats! There is no comparison. Check out the Kiera’s full instagram to see what other characters she has cosplayed. (hint: they’re our favorite 90’s cartoons).

25. When couple costumes don’t work out as planned…

Et tu tomato? Even though the costume didn’t pan out the way they wanted it to, you can’t say that he isn’t dressing the part.

26. This adorable ghost dog

These pictures are not that scary but they are doing their best. This is the best costume so far, I will not argue with you.

27. Scar


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*scar has entered the chat* ??? #halloweekend

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As a child I hated Scar, as an adult I’ve grown to understand him.

28. Baby Serena Williams


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When your mom helps you channel your inner @SerenaWilliams. Photo credit: @__torey__ #halloweencostumes #becauseofthemwecan

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Babies dressed as legends (including one of the greatest athlete this world has ever seen) is my aesthetic.

29. The best couple from the Office

I know Jim and Pam get a lot of love, but Dwangela deserves recongition!

30. The ultimate emoji costume

Get yourself some real friends who will be an emoji with you.

31. Princess Fiona


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Primeras fotos! #heidiklum #tomkaulitz #heidihalloween #halloweenparty #lavonyc #Halloween

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Now last, but certaintly not least, the Queen of Halloween herself, Heidi Klum as Princess Fiona. Everyone can go home now, she won.