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If you’re in a tough spot, these 10 cartoons will lift your spirits

The news cycle can be overwhelming - it's okay to take a breather.

Between a never-ending toxic news cycle and mid-terms for those who are in university, life may be draining right now. Between all your responsibilities, taking care of your mental health may be difficult.

While long-term mental health management is important, short-term pick-me-ups can go a long way during a work or study break. Encouraging and wholesome cartoons can put a smile on your face, at least for a little while.

So, here are 10 cartoons that may lift your spirits and may offer some wisdom.

1. “Cat’s Cafe” by Matt Tarpley

Image Description: A snail accomplishing their mission of climbing up a mushroom, they were nervous during their journey, but they are happy they completed their mission. Via Reddit

Completing tasks, especially if they involve confronting your fears, can be difficult. The journey may be difficult, but once you have completed your goal, you may feel a lot of joy.

2. “All In Your Head” by War and Peas

Image Description: One friend sitting down having a good time inside their head when another friend joins them. Via Reddit

Doing work on your own may be overwhelming. This may be why doing work near friends or just chilling together may be calming, even if you are not talking.

3. “Busy as a Bee” by Guy Kopsomnut

Image description: One friend telling another about how stressed work and their commute makes them, and their friend wants to help them out. Via Reddit.

It’s okay to admit that work is stressful, especially if you’re balancing multiple projects at once. People are often willing to help if you ask for help or express how anxious you are.

4. “Before & After by” Introvert Doodles

Image description: A comic depicting a tree reflecting on the “before” and “after” of a major life change. Via Reddit

Many of us go through different challenges in life that change who we are. This is okay and normal. We cannot change what happened, but we can work to grow as the person we are now.

5. “Dogs” by Guen’s Comics

Image description: A young girl is dealing with negative thoughts. These thoughts start to disappear when her dog shows how much they love her. Via Reddit

It can be hard to get work done when it feels like there are many voices in your head belittling you. This is why, for some people, having a pet can help. Nothing beats the unconditional love dogs, cats, or other pets have for their humans.

6. “Untitled” by Sampratt

Image description: A shark detects that their fish friends need help and need groceries. The shark appears at their door with groceries.Via Reddit

If you know a friend is going through a hard time, they will most likely appreciate someone helping out. Even your “strong” friends who say that they are okay.

7. “You’re Trying” by Bluisp

Image description: One person confides in their friend of their fears and that they are feeling down. Their friend congratulates them for trying. Via Reddit.

When you’re working on addressing personal issues, you may feel like nothing is improving in the short-term. What matters is that you are trying, and things will get better.

8. “Encourage.exe” by RaphComic

Image description: One worker calls IT when the server was down. Tech support offers words of encouragement to server. Via Reddit.

At times, you may feel like no one gets what you are going through and are tough on you. This is why it means so much when someone goes out of their way to offer words of encouragement.

9. “Not Too Clear On The Concept” by Little Niddles

Image description: Pets saying how much they love someone’s mom. This illustrates how loving animals are. Via Reddit

Let’s face it — humans are overrated and can be mean, cold creatures. Spending time with animals may be helpful in times of conflict, as animals don’t try and hide their love.

10. “4 AM Shower” by Guy Kopsombut

Image description: A turtle shares words of encouragement to a cat. These tellking the cat that they are amazing to other people, and they are not done evolving. Via Reddit

It is okay to not be happy with the person you are today. We are forever changing and evolving, and you will be happy with yourself again.

Whether or not you found this list of cartoons to be helpful, you may find it useful to find some form of entertainment which can put your mind at ease. This can range from listening to podcasts to knitting. Hang in there — even if life seems tough and stressful right now, things will get better.