Youtube has been a great outlet for LGBTQ+ people to share their stories and reach a wider audience. It’s been the flashpoint for the “It Gets Better” movement and has been a melting pot of inspiration and true stories for real people.

Better yet, it lets the creative minds behind cutting-edge beauty secrets express themselves and really make an impact on the world around them.

1.  Ingrid Nilsen

Via Youtube

Ingrid is one of the first Youtube beauty gurus to land a deal with CoverGirl cosmetics. She probably has one of the largest followings on this list and has even been featured on Project Runway. Her channel features topics that range from lifestyle to makeup and skin care, and is an essential follow for makeup inspiration.

2. Manny Mua

Via Youtube

Manny touts himself as a “boy beauty vlogger” and he’s happy to show you how to change your look in any way you can dream possible! From covering up a 5 o’clock shadow to changing your entire look, Manny has you covered, and is ready to show you how to work it!

3. Gigi Gorgeous

Via Youtube

Gigi is a Canadian trans Youtuber who has an infectious personality. Her makeup tutorials became instrumental in documenting her transition in 2013. In addition to being trans, she also used her Youtube channel to come out as a lesbian in 2016!

4. Patrick Starr

Via Youtube

No, we don’t mean the starfish. Patrick Starr is a larger than life Youtube makeup guru who wants you to know that makeup and beauty are one size fits all. Patrick is not afraid to get real – and his videos cover everything from foundation to building your chest for a drag show runway!

5. Julie Vu

Via Youtube

Julie is another Canadian transgender woman who documented her transition through Youtube. She’s used her channel to show the world her favorite makeup routines, or what she wears when traveling to locations that might not be as accepting as North America.

6. James Charles

Via Youtube

James came to fame when he became the first male CoverGirl model. His make up tutorials set him apart, and his genuine attitude through his channel really shines through. His makeup tutorials are creative and inventive. Have you ever wondered what kind of look you can make when animals pick your makeup? You do now.

7. Platinum D

Via Youtube

Platinum D is a woman of color who has no problem going from geek to chic. She has a few videos on her channel with her wife and has them wrapped up in a convenient playlist if you ever wanted to see what true love looks like. Her channel has a genuine feel, that doesn’t have a lot of the clickbait that a lot of other makeup bloggers have, making it a refreshing watch.

8. Aiden’s Empire

Via Youtube

Have you ever wondered if beards and blush go together? The answer is 100 times YES. Aiden sports a tight, but full beard in all of his videos, and shows that makeup truly is for everyone. Aiden’s youtube engagement is sporadic, so follow his Instagram for flawless looks paired with facial hair.

9. Ourfa Zinali

Via Youtube

Ourfa is known for her high-fashion looks and brilliant pout that make her look stand out. After a Youtube hiatus, she spoke openly about her struggles with mental illness, and how it was affecting her life. That kind of realness, you can’t get anywhere else.

10. Noeli

Via Youtube

Noelie focuses on showing you cruelty-free products that can improve your look, your complexion, and your life. She brings passion into her videos, and although her subscriber count is low, it’s not for a lack of quality. She often features her wife in her videos, so get ready for some cuteness!

Bonus! Jessica Kellgren Fozard

Via Youtube

We had to include Jessica Kellgren Fozard because of how real her content is. Jessica is a gay woman living with disabilities, but she never lets that hold her back. Her content includes everything from 1920’s and pinup inspired looks, to tutorials on American Sign Language.

The people above show how deep the LGBTQ movement can be, and features people from all different backgrounds and abilities. Often, when we think of LGBTQ beauty bloggers, we think of bold looks that we couldn’t hope to replicate ourselves. However, we hope this list shows that there’s a style for everyone because of course, we’re all our own selves.

  • Meg is a creative based on the East End of Long Island. They have a passion for using movement as a tool to empower women and LGBT+ people, with a focus on strength and team sports. When they're not working, Meg can be found walking their dog, writing, or playing roller derby under the pseudonym "Boston Scream."