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23 hilarious things that happen when you’re a millennial managing other millennials

Because it's not awkward at all.

One thing that doesn’t get said enough, is how hard it is to manage your peers. With workplaces filled with millennials, it’s no surprise that there are millennials often managing other millennials.

As previous generations have noted, there’s a certain charm with managing this generation of workers – however just because you were born between 1985 and 1995 doesn’t mean you have the secret to managing the largest working generation since the baby boomers.

1. The shock that someone actually thought you were adult enough to be a manager of people.

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Image description: A woman in a yellow dress gestures toward herself saying ‘Me?’ Source: Giphy

If there’s one thing that you can identify a millennial by, it’s their crushing imposter syndrome!

2. You dress like it’s the first day of school every day for the first month as manager.

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You have to look the part now that you’re a fancy manager!

3. How can you convince your employees to care about work when you really…can’t even.

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Image description: A black man in a police uniform says “I cannot even.” Source: Giphy

The shiny new job eventually wears off. And you can’t even.

4. When you have to tell someone that it’s against company policy to come in hungover…

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Image description: A dissheveled man looks up from a desk covered in papers and coffee mugs with a paper stuf to his forehead. Source: Giphy

You knew you had work today.

5. …or high…

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Dude. Company policy.

6. …or still drunk.

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Image description: A man with a microphone says ” What is this? Where do you think you are?” Source: Giphy


7. But then there’s that one time you come in hungover.

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Image description: A blonde woman stares deadeyed and says “Oh my God, I’m so hungover. I’ve never been this hungover before. Source: Giphy

I hope no one noticed.

8. There are constant reminders that you have to adult for 20 other people. You become really good at faking it until you make it.

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Image description: A women raises her hands and says dramatically “I need to project confidence, you know?” Source: Giphy

If you’re not on top, they’ll eat you alive.

9. You have that one employee who’s your favorite, but you can’t tell ANYONE.

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Image description: A blonde, male flight attendant looks down and says “You’re my favorite”, blowing a kiss, then looks around with a deadpan look on his face. Source: Giphy

They’re like my children. Of course, I have no favorites.

10. That feeling when you have to educate someone on what is and is not okay to say at work.

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Image description: A black man in a blue suit is surrounded by coworkers and says “We’re gonna have to talk to HR now.” Source: Giphy

When you’re the first LGBTQ+ manager who’s open about their mental illness, you really don’t take kindly comments that aren’t “politically correct.” Sometimes, you have to be the PC police.

11. Giving a kick-ass meeting and motivating the team to perform well.

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Let’s go, guys!

12. But then immediately convincing yourself that was a fluke – and you’re not cut out for this job.

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Image description: A man in a suit says “Man, I can’t do this right now” as he wipes away a tear. Source: Giphy

The imposter syndrome is REAL.

13. When your employees tell you that the standards you hold yourself to are higher than you can hold them to.

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Image description: A blonde woman gestures with her hand and says ” I can do better.” Source: Giphy

I expect nothing but greatness.

14. Is common sense something you can put under “skills” on your resume?

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Image description: A blonde man in a chefs uniform says ” You are a smart girl, yet common sense is not your forte!” Source: Giphy

I’ve learned to believe that common sense is a choice you make.

15. The responsibility you feel when you’re having a bad day at work, and realize everyone’s watching you.

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You know they are. Being in a bad mood can put a black cloud over the entire office.

16. Constantly needing your manager to assure you that you’re doing the right thing and that you’re not constantly under-performing.

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Image description: A blonde woman gestures with both hands saying “I am frustrated because I am a failure at everything.” Source: Giphy

One of the days he’ll realize that I’m just a big PHONY.

17. Worrying about the office when you inevitably need to take a self-care day.

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How can I relax when people NEED ME?

18. Spending your self-care day reading books about how to be a better manager.

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I prefer The Art of War.

19. Walking in the next day and finding that someone left a get-well-soon card, and the whole team signed it.

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Aw, guys. You’re the best.

20.  When the team manages to hold it together during an all hands on deck emergency.

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Let’s do it!

21. There ain’t no party like a millennial work party, because when millennials party you end up on Facebook Live.

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Image description: Three women are at a bar, a blonde woman raises her drink and promptly falls off her bar stool. Source: Giphy

Yeah. No one needs to see that.

22. Wondering if you should make a “no phones at work outings!” rule.

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Image description: A little girl raises her fist threateningly and says “Get that phone out of my face.” Source: Giphy

We can still party with no witnesses!

23. Knowing, that despite going gray in your 20’s, you wouldn’t want to do any other job.

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Image description: A blonde man with a womans arm draped arounf him says ” I love you guy, but can we leave?” Source: Giphy

Seriously, though – go home.