If you are anything like me and obsessed with all things creepy and unnatural, you will have heard of Creepypastas. It is basically a bunch of internet horror stories, myths, and legends. As with anything based on rumors and gossip, these stories took a life of their own and many different versions of their stories exist. With the release of the Slender Man movie and Halloween creeping around the corner (I don’t care what you say I’m already getting geared up for Halloween), I decided to revisit some of my favorite tales.

Creepypastas originated back in the early 2000’s, with the official website being set up in 2008. It is now its own genre and it is magnificent.

So let’s take a look at some of the most horrifying creepypastas stories.

1. Slender Man

The Slender Man depicted by illustration, a figure of a slender man in the woods with many arms reaching out into the trees.

True to his name he has long slender arms, legs, and no distinguishable facial features. Slender Man is found wearing a black suit and stalking people, prominently children but it is not clear why. He is apparently able to stretch out his limbs to impossible lengths and capture victims. It is also rumored that he has black tentacles that emerge from his back, making his reach that much more terrifying.

Slender Man originates from a SomethingAwful Photoshop competition and took off from there. There are various creepy stories and myths about this well-known creature and people all over the world have claimed to have actually seen him in real life.

2. Jeff The Killer

a bleached out face with no eyelids and a carved out smile depicting Jeff.

Jeff The Killer has a bleached face, no eyelids and a smile carved into his face – sounds like a sweetheart right?

Jeff, it turns out does seem to have one concrete backstory so we’ll just stick to the Creepypasta version. The story follows teenage Jeff and his brother Lui who move to a new neighborhood and are victims of bullying. Jeff retaliates violently, and the police come for him, but his brother Lui takes the fall. Jeff once again gets into a fight with the bullies, gets drenched with bleach and set alight. He pretty much loses the plot after this, killing his own family before setting out after others.

Legend has it that Jeff tells the victim to “go to sleep” before killing them.

3. Ted the Caver

A cave with a glove sticking out of a hole.

Ted the Caver began as an Angelfire website in early 2000 which followed a man called Ted and his friends, Brad and Joe, as they explored a local cave in a series of blog posts.

The further they went into the cave, the creepier things got. The cave held strange hieroglyphs and weird weather phenomenon, and as a consequence, the explorers ended up with strange nightmares. The blog updates ended suddenly making it all the more mysterious.

A man did come forward to be the author of the blog and said that it had been inspired by true events, and he went as far as to point out where the cave was.

4. Robert the Doll

An old doll sat on a rocking chair with a teddy bear, he has creepy eyes and facial features.

Robert the Doll is an actual doll that can be found at the East Martello Museum.

It is supposedly a cursed doll that was gifted to Robert Otto, an artist, in the 1900’s. He named the creepy doll after himself, as you do. The story goes that the doll terrorized his family who claimed that they had even heard the doll speaking with Otto in many instances. Neighbors say they saw the doll move around the household through the windows when no-one was in.

It is said that before taking a photo of Robert, one must ask his permission or be forever cursed.

5. The Goatman

A close up picture of what looks like red eyes glowing in the dark.

This creepypasta story was originally found on 4Chan’s paranormal board.

In this story, a teenager travels to Alabama to be with his family and ends up going camping with his cousins. They encounter a strange figure, which starts to follow them around. The Goatman drives the teenagers to paranoia throughout the night.

The Goatman is just as you would assume –  part goat and part man.

Back in the day myths were created by spoken stories over fires and passed down by generation. In this day and age, all one needs is a good imagination and some wifi.  I have to admit my favorite part of these stories is how unoriginal the names given to them are, I mean, I would maybe take some of them more seriously had their names been slightly more horrifying.

There are so many more legends entwined with bits of reality out there terrorizing folk and making us all doubt what is real and what is not. CreepyPasta is a wonderful hub for those whose wish to learn more.

Here’s to hoping Jeff The Killer doesn’t catch me in my sleep.

  • Mitta Thakrar

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