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Your school uniform doesn’t have to be dull- here’s how.

Anything to make this school year more bearable.

You’re on your summer vacation, the sun is hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement so you decide to stay inside and watch your favorite television show. Lying in bed with your hair as messy as a bird’s nest and your legs spread wide, you are only a few minutes into the episode until you realize it’s pretty hot inside as well. Neither can you go outside because of the heat and because you have no friends (same) nor can you stay inside and have a peaceful vacation.

What can get worse, you ask? Well, school’s about to start.

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Some students enjoy their school life; however, some of us are tired of following the same robotic routines every single day. Maybe this year you’d like to try something different, something that’ll make this school year memorable than the last one.

Well, how about personalizing your school uniform? Despite the fact that school uniforms bring a sense of discipline and unify the students of a school, sometimes they can be pretty bland. With the inflexibility in school uniforms, it is difficult to express your personal style when it comes to clothing. Fortunately, there are some ways you can add flair to your school uniform to suit your personality!

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

The best place to start would be to accessorize. You could wear earrings, bracelets or small necklaces according to your uniform’s color scheme to add a pop of color! In addition to that, small details such as colored or patterned socks and shoes can also make you stand out. If you wear a hijab, try experimenting with different colors, patterns and wrapping methods. You can purchase shoes with a vintage feel or perhaps with designs. If you feel artistic, don’t hesitate to draw or paint on them either. Besides, shoes are eventually meant to wear out.

Belt it

If your shirts or pants are of a larger size than you’d like them, you can make them form fitting by adding a belt. Vintage belts with a smaller strip will not only elaborate your uniform and figure but will also maintain your visual as a student!

Folded hem of pants. Via
A folded hem of pants. Via

If your uniform is of a larger size, you can always cuff up the ends. Folding the hem of your pants above your ankle will give a more put together look in comparison to sloppy pants. If possible, tailor your uniform according to your measurements to make sure it suits you best.

Wear all the patches!

For those of you who are fond of collecting badges or patches, adding them to your uniform can be a great way to add a pop of color! Sewing a patch onto the visible pocket of your uniform or attaching a series of your favorite badges will display your artistic side. You can attach pins from your favorite fandoms which will also serve as a great way to connect with other people. Though just make sure you don’t go overboard with the pins and end up looking like a girl scout. If that’s the look you’re going for, carry some cookies with you just in case someone asks.

Winters in some countries with no internal heating can get butt numbingly cold. In the winter season, you could wear a coat that will look good with your uniform but also keep you warm. If your school permits jackets, try searching for one with a unique design or slogans to individualize your uniform.

Schools across the world are different and so the dress code rules at your school may be strict. If you’re not allowed to follow any of the tips above, you can always opt for a funky backpack! Search for backpacks online that look visually pleasing to you all while being functional. Buying backpacks can be quite expensive at times but if you land upon a good one, it’ll last you years. Once you’re done choosing the design and color of your liking, you can also add patches and badges as mentioned above! If you’re using your old backpack, add a fandom related keychain or a cute keychain to make it look different.

Looking unique is important but staying true to yourself holds more significance. Remember, you don’t have to dress trendy to look good or be accepted by people at your school. Letting your personality shine will bring like-minded people to you automatically. While enjoying is important, make sure to put effort into learning something new each day. Studying is not everyone’s cup of tea but learning is what will benefit in the future. Wish you a happy and successful school year!

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