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GIVEAWAY! + The ultimate guide to picking the right nail polish colors for your skin tone

It's time to revamp your nail polish collection with these beautiful, I'm-in-vacation-mode-even-when-I'm-at-the-office hues.

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Remember that time you asked for blue nails, but when it was done you realized that blue looked absolutely awful on you?

Or checked out the nail polish options on sale online and immediately felt overwhelmed with choices, no matter how perfectly organized the selection of nail polishes is? Of course—it’s an every time experience for some of us.

In all honesty, we believe that no matter our skin tone we can rock any color. Let’s be real, though – that isn’t always the case. Some colors can enhance our skin, while others wash it out and make it dull. Ahead, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the process and rounded up the most stylish shades for your specific skin tone. On top of that, these shades are vegan, healthy, breathable, and cruelty-free – a major plus during a time where everything we do has a major effect on the world (and they’re 9 free – a full rundown of what that means here!).

Your next spa night just got a lot chicer.

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First, check your skin undertone


No matter your actual skin tone, if you have warmer undertones, it’s best to choose warmer colors like peach, pink or bold reds.

Marrakech is the classic red. You ready?

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

A classic orange-toned red color. It’ll make everyone in a room stop and stare, so be prepared to return those looks with the perfect icy pass-over. Get yours here for $12.95.


Cooler undertones work best with cool colors like, mint, bright red, and if you’re feeling flashy, hot pink.

Fez isn’t playing around with its sea-breeze feelings.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Shimmering turquoise for those who identify as a mermaid. Get yours here for $12.95.

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Dark skin tones

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of shades that go great with your skin. Complement your deep skin tone with nail polishes that offer a punch of high impact color. While every shade of lacquer looks amazing on your skin, these are our picks for the very best shades.

Light to Medium Brown skin tones

For those of you with a more chocolate hue, it’s best to stick with neutral browns, gold, dark greens and blues. For those who want more color bright orange and neon colors work great as well. Avoid dark brown colors.

Malé is the perfect way to show off your summer vacay plans.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Imagine this: you’re on a beach, a book in one hand a pina colada in the other. Your bright blue nails look vibrant in the sun causing envy. The perfect fantasy. Get it here for $12.95.

Dubai will give you that bling you need in your life.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

This shade is perfect for those who love glitter, gold, and jewels. Get yours here for $12.95.

Dark Brown to Black skin tones

Deep purples, black and bright pinks look great on the skin. Many will say to avoid white colors but I believe that white on dark skin looks clean and fresh just in time for summer. Avoid deep gray colors because they can make the skin look dull.

Abu Dhabi will give your nails a serious pop.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

The shade for those who have likened themselves to that of a Greek god. This opaque white shade lets your fingers pop, but in a chic, shiny way. Get yours here for $12.95.

Granada fits right in with that summer aesthetic.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Trust me: This rich, creamy hue looks so gorgeous against dark and deep skin tones, thanks to its warm, flattering undertones. Get yours here for $12.95.


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Medium-olive skin tones

Medium skin tones vary—from a bronzy glow to olive—and that changes the colors you wear best depending on your undertone. However, these nail polish picks are universally flattering and gorgeous for your medium-toned complexions.

 Medium skin tones

You can wear much warmer colors such as tangerine, light brown and even copper brown. You should also stay away from shades of gold since they wash out the skin.

Cairo knows how to keep your look posh.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Shimmery hues can be sexy in a vintage, throwback way — think frosted tips in the ’60s. We’re about it. Get yours here for $12.95.

Lahore keeps things simple yet bold.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Stay on trend with this blue-toned gray. Get yours here for $12.95.

Olive skin tones

When it comes to olive skin, vibrant dark hues complement best. Such as dark wines, blue, yellow, orange, metallics and chocolate browns. Avoid pastel shades and navy blue so your tone isn’t lost.

Doha may seem straightforward – but it’s hiding a fun side.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Taupe: the color with so much versatility. Get yours here for $12.95.

Istanbul keeps drama at the tips of your fingers.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Channel your inner vampire with this deep shade of red. Get yours here for $12.95.


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Light skin tones

Behold the polish shades that will look divine on you! The trick with paler skin tones is finding polish shades that compliment, rather than competing with or washing out, your fair complexion. Here’s a special selection of hues to get you started.

Pale skin tones

If you have this skin tone, you’ll tend to have cooler undertones. Pastel colors are a go-to, such as reds and pinks because they brighten up the skin. It’s better to avoid darker colors like black or blue because they will make you look even paler.

Hyderabad knows just how much fun you’re having this year.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

I challenge you not to fall in love with this vibrantly bright hot pink,  which dries smoothly color-wise. Its cool undertones will help keep it looking chic and clean, rather than ‘80s-level gaudy. Get yours here for $12.95.

Jaipur knows just how committed you are to that aesthetic life.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

A cult-favorite, this bold pink is the deepest gloss for pale skin. Get yours here for $12.95.

 Fair skin tones

Even if there are lots of colors out there, be careful choosing shades with too much white in them, since they’ll wash your skin out. Warmer colors like red, peach, purple and berry colors look the best. You should avoid very dark blue, black and gold colors.

Petra is universally known for bringing drama to the room.

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Petra’s nude-toned pink may be the most graceful way to do shimmer. This light nude looks lovely next to fair skin tones. Get yours here for $12.95.

Are you ready to serve looks with Jakarta?

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

A soft urban chic hue, like this violet, won’t wash out fair skin. Get yours here for $12.95.


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All skin tones

Best be prepared and have a go-to, perfect-for-anytime,-anywhere shade. It’s hard to find colors that accommodate everyone, but when in doubt stick to neutral colors. Nude colors with slight pink undertones work best with any skin tone.  Plus, they look good on everyone and are classic staples—just our style.

Kashmir is the shade that’ll turn everybody’s heads. 

@786cosmetics / Via instagram.com

Classy, traditional and quiet. Everything your parents wish you were. Get yours here for $12.95.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to get your hands on the perfect mani!

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