It’s hard to deny that we are witnessing a culture shift in how women navigate spaces, both personal and professional, due in part to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. Both have stirred the conversation on the injustices and strives of the female experience in ways that are beginning to open the doors and clear the swamp of the dregs that refuse to change.

And yet, when it comes to the world of STEM, the gender gap barely budges with women only representing 24 percent of STEM jobs in the United States, despite making up of 47 percent of the workplace.

We want to change those numbers. So in the following round-up, we’ve paid special attention to jobs that will put you on the path to make top dollar. Happy hunting!


Remote Senior Mobile Application Developer, DuckDuckGo

Concerned about data sharing and protecting one’s privacy? Working with DuckDuckGo may align with your principles. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that doesn’t track browsing in an effort to protect the searchers’ privacy. The search engine company is looking for a team player for their mobile department to help shape the technology of their search engine. At least four years of mobile engineering and familiarity with MVC/MVVC concepts. Not to mention the position is fully remote.


Biomedical Life Scientist, Leidos

This position is for someone with expertise in the life sciences. You would work on Congressionally-directed, medical research programs that are largely cancer-related. While it’s not a laboratory research position, the day-to-day would consist of analysis and application of biomedical and health-related information.


Quantitative Analyst, Two Sigma

Interested in working with a company that applies the world of finance with cutting-edge technology? Two Stigma is a hedge fund that applies the world of finance with cutting-edge technology. This hedge fund is looking for researchers and engineers with a bachelor’s  degree in quantitative discipline  “who are obsessive about data analysis and the pursuit of its greatest challenges.”


Analyst, PwC

Work at the top accounting company in the states when it comes to diversity, and ranking number three when it comes to hiring women. PwC is looking for a high-performance worker who would work with their diverse set of clients around the world to develop the best technology and software for their businesses.


Statistician, 22nd Century Technologies

Work with one of the leading IT services and solutions firm in the country by combining innovation and sector at 22nd Century Technologies. You would be responsible for conducting analyses and risk estimations to help inform national screening and management guidelines. At least three years of specialized experience and a master’s degree is required, so if you’re a recent grad, this may be an opportunity to work towards.


Lead Systems Engineer, NASA

Wouldn’t the opportunity to work with NASA be a dream come true? If yes is your answer, then apply to any of the various job openings at NASA. Though if you’re wanting to lead a team through all the steps and phases that lead to the launching of an aircraft, then Lead Systems Engineer may be up your alley. No, you wouldn’t be the one in the craft, but you would be the one who helped make it happen.


Senior Full Stack Java Engineer, The CSI Companies

Named one of the 500 top-performing private companies in the nation by Inc. magazine, The CSI Companies is looking for a Java maverick with experience in enterprise-grade applications for South Fort Lauderdale team. The candidate would be vital in every step in the creation of the app process from designing to developing. The opportunity is great for someone looking for an all hands on deck position.

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  • Dominique Stewart

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