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Top 9 Desi YouTube channels that you absolutely can’t miss out on

YouTube is a black hole we all gladly get sucked into. Time flies when you scroll through the videos, and a new amazing channel is sometimes the best thing you could ever find. And new finds is what I have in store for you today! I’m alllll for diversity so here’s a list of some amazing Indian youtube channels you should definitely check out, whether you are Indian or not.

P.S – I’ve tried to stick to the channels where the major language is English and, if not, uses subtitles.

1.  The Viral Fever
[Image Description : The wallpaper of the web series Permanent Roommates produced by The Viral Fever] Via Amino Apps
The Viral Fever, or TVF is that channel that started it all. One of the earliest IndianYouTube channels, it also pioneered the culture of web series in India. All of their videos are super fun, but their web series are the best out of the lot.

From the iconic Permanent Roommates to the hilarious Bachelors, their content is so refreshing and amazing.

2. Kenny Sebastian
[Image Description : A still from a stand up comedy video from Kenny Sebastian’s Youtube channel] Via Scroll
Unproblematic Desi men are a rare find, and Kenny is one of the very few. The stand up comedian focuses his content around every day desi things, and he’s relatable and his sense of humor is super clean. While his stand-ups are great, his best videos are his Chai Time comedy, which are almost like intimate, casual conversations among friends.

3. Buzzfeed India
[Image Description : A still from a video from Buzzfeed India Youtube channel] Via Youtube
Well, by Buzzfeed India, I mean Srishti, lol. All the people at the channel are great, but Srishti is the best part of the channel, hands down.

Their videos range from experiments to vlogs to satire, and their epic video, If Real Life Was Like Bigg Boss, is a must watch!

4. Film Companion
[Image Description : A still from a video from the Youtube channel Film Companion] Via Youth Ki Awaaz
Film Companion is a Desi movie lover’s heaven. From dissections to analysis to extremely candid interviews that give you a whole new perception of movie stars and filmmakers, this channel is inclusive, and dares to question the stereotypes of the Indian movie industry.

Their Tape Cast series was exceptionally creative and enlightening.

5. Kanan Gill
[Image Description : Kanan Gill is doing stand up comedy] Via DNA India
Let’s get this straight first: I have a huge crush on Kanan Gill. So does a lot of his audience, and you can’t ignore his uncanny resemblance to Andy Samberg. That being said, Kanan’s best videos are undoubtedly his satirical reviews of Bollywood movies, which don’t even spare iconic classics like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

6. Filtercopy
[Image Description : A still from a Filtercopy video] Via
Filtercopy’s tagline should be relatable. If you’re South Asian, it’s guaranteed that you’ll nod along to every video. They talk about everything from middle class problems, love, friendship, family to every day things of millennial life.

Their amazing regular cast gets some exciting guests very often who spice up the content even more.

7. SNG Comedy
[Image Description : A still from a SNG Comedy video] Via Twitter
SNG Comedy is home to a variety of comedy videos. Run by a group of stand up comedians who are all brilliant in their own unique way, their weekly podcast series The Big Question is the highlight of the channel. They also have some fun sketches, my ultimate favorite being Bollywood Couples Therapy.

8. Unerase Poetry
[Image Description : A girl is reciting poetry at an Unerase Poetry show] Via Youtube
Found by the 16 year old poet Simar Singh, this bold and candid show of beautiful and evocative poetry is a must watch. Every video is honest, hard-hitting, and makes you think.

The best out of the lot are definitely Aranya Johar’s A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender and Beauty and Simar Singh’s own Legal Rapist is gut-wrenching.

9. All India Bakchod
[Image Description : A still from a AIB satire video] Via Youtube
The people behind AIB are experts at satire. From Bollywood to real-life social issues, they deal with it all with comedy as the weapon, and they don’t refrain from calling out the problems. Their honest series are the highlight, and the podcasts and sketches deserve a special mention.

Do make sure to check out these amazing channels and content! Though it’s better not to start watching them before the days of your finals.

By Mishma Nixon

Mishma is originally from Sri Lanka, and is currently an undergraduate student at The University of Iowa. Majoring in English and Creative Writing with minors in Cinema and Social Justice, she hopes to create diverse and inclusive children's stories that she has always wanted to see. She is a textbook Hufflepuff who's obsessed with antiheroes/villains, Brooklyn 99, tea and 80's teen movies.