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I used to believe that education changes one’s perceptions until this happened

Those in positions of authority are usually expected to be educated and an astute.  But this was not my experience.

Those in positions of authority are usually expected to be educated and astute.  But this was not my experience.

I had a job where I had to work with a bureaucrat in Pakistan. My boss referred me to that officer and made it clear that this man had a renowned position.

When I entered his office,  he gave me a look like I was the scum of the earth. Rather than allowing me to do my job, which was to tell him what would be beneficial to us and the company, he gave me an arrogant look and started making offensive comments.

He took my report process to a totally different path. What put me over the edge was when he unexpectedly said, “I don’t believe in feminism and I am also very against women empowerment.”

His first argument was because a lady was working with him and was trying to be equal to a man which he didn’t consider a good thing to do. The second part of his statement argued that a lady having power at a young age was unacceptable, especially if that woman had the same level of power as he did.

The thing that flashed through my mind was that he was the man selected to run the affairs of the world.

He was narrow-minded and if we have such people in our bureaucracy then it shouldn’t be a shock for us to see the crisis our country is facing. The leaders of our country may hold higher education credentials, but they do not exemplify progress.

I tried to ignore his statements but it really shook me. I could see these offensive statements from an uneducated man but to hear these words from a bureaucrat was a disappointment. Ignoring those remarks, I continued my job.

I got to a point where I tried to explain our working style but, without listening, he further added: “I don’t work under a lady, I have never worked, so how could you think that I would work under you?” He was feeling insulted for being guided by a woman. It offended him that a girl was directing him to do something in a way she wants.

Such a mentality is a threat to our society. Education makes a difference in people but if someone fails to learn then it is not a failure of that person but of the institution.

Bureaucrats are always seen as better individuals because of their frame of mind, brainpower, and personality which they acquire from institutions. We morph them into good and educated human beings compared to others.

Bureaucracy is setting the wrong trends if all members of government act the way this gentleman did. True leaders are ready to sacrifice for their country and respect the rights of the men and women in their country. Just because someone is highly educated, does not mean that they are progressive or good for the country.

Those who do not respect all who are under their guidance should not be in office.