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Given up on your resolutions already? Here’s how to get back on track

This is how you can stick to them good ol' resolutions.

Why do so many of us, including myself, never stick to our resolutions? I think I have been able to deduce a reasonable explanation and hopefully, this will give y’all an insight as to “how to stick to them resolutions.”

We are all familiar with the fact that “keeping up with resolutions is never easy.” Come four months into the year, we’ve already forgotten or tried our best to dismiss them. But why do we do that?

Because we have neglected to remember, our reasons for keeping them in the first place!

I mean, the idea for our resolutions must have stemmed from some thought or a particular occurrence that was significant enough to make us take on such a challenge, beginning New Year’s Eve. Somehow…they did occur to us at some point and in that split second, we make that brave decision to set it as our resolution.

We convince, encourage and warn ourselves to stick to them before the new year hits us… but yet, my doubt is a simple one. Why is it so important at the beginning, and not so much as the year progresses?

It is important for us, as individuals to understand the reasons behind keeping such resolutions. For some… it’s either a bad habit to break, maintaining one’s happiness or just learning something new.

But I noticed something different this year… Every morning, I wake up and actually look forward to sticking to mine. I realized… It’s because of my perceptions of setting these particular resolutions; how I came about to wanting to achieve these short-term goals.  Those perceptions are what fuels me, to fulfill them everyday. So to help ya’ll understand this a little more, I thought I’d share some of my reasons.

Now, as a book lover, I obviously simply adooooore books! I love the idea of getting lost in a completely unrealistic world, where my only battles are between mythical creatures and the ‘tragic love triangle’ I’ve mysteriously found myself in. Or where I get to experience solving, first-hand ‘crimes of passions’ and many other unsolved mysteries… You know what I’m talking about. My point being that I completely lose track of time when I read, which is absolutely blissful for me. However I never make time for it anymore and that’s my biggest regret. I always tell myself, that if I do start a book; I might just simply not bother picking it up again, due to being super busy. But I had forgotten how good reading was for me and how calm it usually kept me. Lost between making time for either work or university, I can’t remember the last time I had read a book!

So I took it upon myself to realize how precious reading is to me and decided to make it a priority! No more interruptions, no more excuses!

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And ever since I started this resolution of mine.. I have noticed how I’ve balanced along my time, giving equal priority to my reading and its absolutely a beautiful feeling! I had observed how after establishing my ‘reasons’ for making this a resolution, it has helped me keep it up!

The second resolution I’ve stuck hard to has been to upload a new blogpost every week. I am going to be very honest here, this has been, by far, the toughest! The constant thoughts of “what should I write about next” and “does anyone really care about what I write” run through my aimless mind, on pretty much a daily basis. One night, as I tried very hard to fall back to sleep, I questioned myself…. Why had I started writing in the first place? What was my purpose for creating this blog?

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Was it to achieve recognition? No. Was it, to hate on individuals that had done me wrong in the past? No. It was because I wanted to voice my thoughts and opinions on matters that I thought are important or that needs to be heard. It was because I wanted to be the voice, for those that couldn’t speak it out.

It was because I wanted people to know that they are not alone in occurrences they experience every day.

So I decided to make it a must. To write once a week, about anything and everything I felt. Regardless of whether people read it or not because I know it’ll help someone along the way. But most importantly, to continue doing something I’m passionate about, on my own time.

I found my reasons for making my resolutions and thus I am able to stick to them so far. Which is why I encourage anyone to understand the idea or rationality for choosing your resolutions, notice the importance of it, and you will stick to it no matter what.