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8 plus-size fashion icons you need to follow on Instagram, like right now

Basically, we love them, and you should too.

The word ‘fatshion’ isn’t just a great portmanteau – it’s a revolutionary term.

Many people have been reclaiming the term ‘fat’ and using it in a positive way. Since ‘fat’ is often used as an insult, this is challenges fatphobia in itself. Often, the fashion industry leaves out whoever isn’t thin. Fat people are often made to feel like fashion isn’t for them. Where fat people are pushed out of fashion, the word ‘fatshion’ quite literally puts ‘fat’ right back in there. Fatshion provides fat people with a way to express themselves and celebrate their bodies as they are.

The following influencers and bloggers challenge this notion by proudly celebrating the beauty of their fat or plus-size bodies, encouraging everyone to re-think the ideas we have around beauty, fatness, and attraction.

1. Saucye West (@saucyewest)

Plus-size model and fat acceptance activist Saucye West is unapologetically fat. She made waves when she started #FatandFree, a hashtag that has inspired many fat people to share their experiences and assert their right to exist as fat people. 

Instead of wearing ‘flattering’ or ‘slimming’ clothing, she wears whatever she likes – and she looks amazing every time.

2. Marie Southard Ospina (@mariesouthardospina)

Marie Southard Ospina is a Colombian-American journalist, fat acceptance activist, and an all-around stylish human. Her powerful writing on eating disorder recovery, fat liberation, style, and fatshion will touch your heart and open your mind, and her Instagram posts will make you jealous of her amazing wardrobe.

3. Bethany Rutter (@bethany_rutter)

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Saturday sunshine is good for my mood and my looks

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Bethany Rutter doesn’t just have gorgeous taste in clothing – she’s a writer, editor, and speaker, too. Her book, Plus+, is a coffee-table book of plus-size fashion inspiration, featuring dozens of plus-size fatshion influencers and activists.

4. Marquis Neal (@marquimode)

A plus-size model who doesn’t conform to gendered ideas around fashion, Marquis is a trendsetter we should all follow. As a femme, queer man of color, he provides much-needed representation to those who are often marginalized or excluded in mainstream media. 

“You can be incredibly comfortable with your body and the person you are internally, but sometimes it is really hard to externalize that in [a] place that doesn’t accept what you’re trying to give out,” he said in a recent interview with NBC.

5. Pepper M (@prettypluspep)

A self-described closet therapist and plus-sized fashion blogger, Pepper’s Instagram is full of gorgeous, inspiring outfits. 

It’s important for me to share with plus size women of all ages the clear message that they too can look and feel as fabulous as their favorite celebrity or corporate mogul without spending tons of money and with minimal effort,” her blog reads.

6. Tonsa Blush (@tonsablush)

Canada-based fashion blogger Sarah Anne combines fat activism and plus-sized fashion on her blog and Instagram. “Discovering fat activism taught me how to break down what I was feeling about my body and address my insecurities,” her blog reads. “It has allowed me to grow into a confident woman and I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

 It’s hard to tell what I love more: her flawless make-up, her gorgeous outfits, or her warm smile.

7. Troy Solomon (@abearnamedtroy)

Troy Solomon, aka A Bear Named Troy, is worth following if you love trend-setting that challenges gendered ideas around clothing and make-up. 

His edgy, gender-bending outfits are nothing short of amazing, and he’s unafraid to promote body-positivity and self-love on his platforms.

8. Marlena Matute (@bigcity_curvygirl_thinwallet)

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Wear what you want for you. Fit is important but if you like it, give it a try even if you think that it won't work on your body type, size or even budget (there's almost always a sale that can help stay on budget). You decide what you want in your style and that's all that matters. ? : @stephora_beats [Outfit details are on the blog. Link in the bio!] #bodylove #psblogger #psfashion #fatshion #thisisplus #plussize #curves #curvystyle #springstyle #nycstyle #nycblogger #latinablogger #afrolatina #bgm #psootd #ootd #petiteplus #instastyle #effyourbeautystandards #celebratemysize #iembodyme #goldenconfidence #ownmycurves #rockthecrop #fullbodylove #affordableplussize #seven7 #f21xme #latergram #fullbodylove #pmmlovemybody

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An Afro-Latina fashion blogger and body-positive feminist, Marlena is all about budget-friendly fashion. Her blog’s slogan is ‘Break beauty standards, not your budget’ – and her inspiring fashion tips and posts about fat acceptance help you do just that. She’s unafraid to get real about her journey of self-love, sharing words of wisdom alongside her gorgeous outfits.

We live in a fatphobic world – one where fat people are routinely discriminated against. In this context, it’s pretty damn revolutionary to point out that plus-sized or fat people are beautiful. While fat people shouldn’t need to be stylish to be valued, fatshion reclaims an area where fat people are often dismissed.

These influencers and bloggers are challenging stereotypes and changing minds, one stylish outfit at a time.