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4 things that absolutely need to happen in ‘Dear White People’ season 2

Is anyone else going to binge watch the first season before season two premieres?

When we last saw the students of Winchester University, the fictional ivy league campus, they were struggling to cope in the aftermath of a campus police officer pulling a gun on everyone’s favorite woke bae, Reggie Green. The series of events following this was nothing short of incredible like Sam’s failed town hall protest, Coco’s rise to power, Reggie and Joelle’s flirtashionship, Lionel’s metamorphosis, and of course Troy’s epic downfall.

The second installment of Justin Simien’s hilariously woke series debuts on May 4th. So, to hold us over until then here’s what I think needs to happen in season two.

1. The Redemption of Troy Fairbanks

In season one, we see Winchester’s Golden Boy Troy being pulled in every direction. He plays the role of the overachieving, dutiful son bending at his dad’s every request while blind to the administration’s real intentions all while having an affair with a professor. The season finale can be seen as his wake up call to acknowledge that he’s not immune to the injustices going on around him.

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So what better way for him to enter season two than with a new perspective and willingness to help the Black Student Union?

2. Boss Babe Coco

Colandrea “Coco” Connors entered last season power and status hungry as well as anti anything that would disrupt the life she’s built at Winchester. She even had a secret fling with Troy, the object of her affection since freshman year. Through flashbacks, we saw that she and Sam were friends; but after multiple instances where she was compared to or used to get to Sam, their friendship ended.

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Her superficial character at first glance evolved into one with depth, intelligence, and aspirations by the end of the season. After finding out about Troy’s affair with a professor, she calls off their fling. There’s even a hinted reconcile with Sam in the last moments of the final episode. I’m really digging this new empowered Coco who isn’t afraid to let her natural hair down and proud. It’ll be interesting to see how her relationships and character development carries over into season two.

3. Reggie’s Inner Psyche

After having a campus police officer pull a gun on him at a party, we saw Reggie hit a low reasonable for anyone going through a similar situation. Before the incident, he already had a passion for fighting the racial tension on campus, but this further fueled his fire.

Will he be able to cope with the aftermath? How will this affect his activism? Only season two will tell.

4. Sam and Gabe

In the season finale, Gabe and Sam broke up after going back and forth about Sam cheating with Reggie (but only because she wanted to be sure that she wanted to be with Gabe). Sam and Gabe’s relationship dynamic was a unique one in that Sam had to battle with herself and the image she presented to the rest of the campus when she and Gabe chose to make things official.

Gabe seemed to understand this but encouraged her to think about what she wanted and not what others wanted from her. I’ll go ahead and admit it: I ship Sabe (or was it Gam?) and feel like they were really good for each other and would love to see them get back together in season two.

[bctt tweet=”Is anyone else going to binge watch the first season before season two premieres?” username=”wearethetempest”]

As we wait for the new season and stalk the actors’ social media for more details, we can always rewatch the first season to relive the laughs, savage comebacks, fall back in love with (or remember why we hate) some characters, and of course, get woke.