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20 WTF things Black women are tired of hearing

No! Just, no!

Black women have had to endure a lot in society from politicized hair to those ignoring our declared agency.  But there have been times when Black women have heard some things that made them go, “What?”

1. “Can I touch your hair?”

Black woman moving away from a white woman trying to touch her hair. Via giphy

Sometimes an outstretched hand is accompanied by this question and you have to resist the urge to swat them like a fly. It takes more than two hours for me to wash and twist my hair, please don’t touch it.

2. “Are you mixed?”

Yara Shahidi looking blessed. Via giphy

Every Black woman knows the struggle of having 4C, 4D or even 4Z hair strands. Unfortunately, it has become the overall model of what people think Black hair looks like. Big curls are not exclusive to mixed women of color!

3. “Who is that boy?”

Black woman drinking tea suspiciously. Via giphy

You’ve heard this question every time you stood next to a boy or when a boy would just glance at you. This is usually asked by your mom followed by a suspicious glare.

4. “What that booty do though?”

Squidward twerking in Spongebob’s face. Via giphy

This is commonly asked on any and all dating platforms. I respond with an eye roll emoji.

5. “You got a man?”

Black woman throwing up her hand, leaving and saying “boy bye.” Via giphy

This is commonly asked by random men on the street. I usually respond by running away.

6. “Is that your real hair?”

Solange flipping her hair. Via giphy

People of all races can grow long luscious hair. Some of us wear bundles and some of us choose to wear our hair out.

7. “You’re pretty for a Black girl.”

A Black woman telling someone to sit down. Via giphy

I’ve always been told to take this as a compliment, but it does more damage than good.

8. “I don’t see color.”

Stanley from The Office telling someone they’re not special. Via giphy

Unfortunately, we Black women don’t have this luxury.

9. “Why don’t you cook?”

Will from Fresh Prince of Bel Air trying to cook but it blows up. Via giphy

Please don’t ever ask this in front of my mom. I’ll never hear the end of it.

10. “Wow, you speak really white.”

Nene Leakes talking about how she is tired. Via giphy

Black women are ostracized for not speaking the right vernacular and judged if they do. We can speak any way we want to, it’s a free country.

11. “You love Beyoncé, right?”

Michael from The Office claiming he is Beyoncé. Via giphy

Beyoncé is not the poster child for Black women. But if I got front row seats to her concert, I might actually cry.

12. “Who’s your favorite rapper?”

Queen Latifah thanking God for hip-hop. Via giphy

I’m still distraught over the deaths of Tupac and Biggie.

13. “I didn’t want to talk to you at first, you seemed angry.”

Black woman looking confused. Via giphy

I’ve heard this many times on my end, mostly because my normal face is my angry face.

14. “Why don’t you smile? You’re a pretty girl.”

A Black woman wearing a white dress not smiling. Via giphy

I don’t usually walk around with a huge smile on my face, because I don’t want to look like a crazy person.

15. “Why can’t I say the n-word?”

A black woman with hair pulled back and saying “no.” Via giphy

A lot of Black men and women say it, as a reclaiming of the word. But it’s not an invitation for others.

16. “How do you feel about interracial relationships?”

Leonardo DiCaprio winking. Via giphy

Leonardo DiCaprio was and still is my celebrity crush. Enough said.

17. “Feminism isn’t for Black women.”

Viola Dais giving a speech Via giphy

As Black women, we have a higher disadvantage than anyone else in this country. Feminism was made for us.

18. Who is Felicia?

Ice Cube saying, “Bye Felicia.” Via giphy

All Black women know what this means and when it is the right time to use it.

19. “People like you read?”

Wayne Brady telling people to read. Via giphy

When I was younger, people would think I was weird because I preferred writing and reading to literally anything else. I’d say it paid off.

20. “This is the fourth time this week that you watched Love & Basketball.

A scene from Love & Basketball. Via giphy

Every Black woman has seen this movie at least twice in their entire life. It is arguably one of the greatest Black films of all time.