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20 bunnies who are far too cute for this world

Let’s face it, bunnies are quite underrated. There is so much talk about how great cats and dogs are (let’s face it they are pretty great) but there are other kinds of pets!

Ever since I was young, I wanted a pet rabbit, but my parents never agreed.

1. They love to cuddle.

[Image Description: Two white bunnies are on top of each other and sniffing.] Via Giphy
I mean look at them! They are cuddling! They are cute!

2. They plot world domination.

[Image Description: Three bunnies putting their heads together.] via Giphy
These cute buns are putting their heads together to brainstorm.

For what you may ask? I’m not sure, maybe world domination?

3. They have Netflix & chill companions.

[Image Description: A white bunny running towards the brown bunny on the couch.] via
Yes, we all love watching Netflix alone, but it’s not as fun as watching it with your fluffy friend.

4. Sometimes they steal from babies.

[Image Description: A white spotted rabbit stealing a cracker from a baby.] Via
Not all bunnies are nice.

5. They love to eat.
[Image Description: A black bunny chewing greens.] Via
I relate to this on a personal level. The only difference is bunnies like to munch on greens, not pizza.

6. They care about personal hygiene.

[Image Description: A brown bunny playing with toilet paper.] Via
All bunnies know that you never leave without wiping.

7. They like to take breaks. 

[Image Description: A brown bunny sitting in a pink bowl looking tired.] via
Sometimes instead of hopping around and eating greens, you just want to lie down and do nothing.

8. And they like to be pampered. 

[Image Description: A bunny standing while being groomed.] via
Bunnies are basically just furry babies.

9. They fight with their friends (which is totally okay!!).

[Image Description: Two bunnies fighting over greens.] via
Most bunnies are cordial until you take their food.

10. This bunny is all about taking care of her look. 

[Image Description: A white bunny in front of a mirror getting her face brushed.] via
Bunnies don’t just look this cute without work. It takes effort!

11. Some bunnies just love hanging out with their kitty friends!

[Image Description: A white bunny being licked and cuddled by an orange cat.] via
For the most part, bunnies can live among other animals. They don’t discriminate.

12. And don’t forget, bun-buns love a good massage. 

[Image Description: A brown bunny getting rubbed by a human.] via
Bunnies love to be petted and rubbed. It brings them joy and happiness.

13. They have to work (really? really).

[Image Description: A white bunny falling asleep at work.] via
All those hours they put in the office, just so they can buy those carrots.

14. And after work (?!), bunnies love to exercise.

[Image Description: A brown bunny rolling around on a mat with a colorful ball.] via
Bunnies are quite active animals and love rolling around.

15. They’re talented…

[Image Description: A gray bunny playing the piano.] via
You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the sound of those little paws hitting the piano keys.

16. …and always well-dressed.

[Image Description: A white bunny walking around in a pink dress.] via
The best-dressed animals? Bunnies. It’s a fact.

17. You might catch bunnies at amusement parks…

[Image Description: A bunny riding around in a blue teacup at an amusement park.] via
The tea-cups is not a favorite, but it’s still fun to ride.

18. …or competing at the Bunny Olympics. 

[Image Description: A black and white bunny taking a rod in its mouth.] via
Yes, bunnies are quite athletic.

19. They love fruits.

[Image Description: A white bunny eating a raspberry] via
This bunny is eating a raspberry, but those red marks could easily be the blood of their enemies.

20. AND they love humans.

[Image Description: A group of bunnies surrounding a woman.] via

By Yannise Jean

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