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17 things you know if you actually love the gym

I promise I don't live at the gym, I'm just there all the time.

If you’re anything like me, you love working out. So much so that some people would call you a gym rat. You love living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. You’re down for every type of workout and genuinely look forward to your time at the gym. And…

1. You stress about missing your workout or fitness class

[Image description: gif of woman doing jumping jacks.]

You know that a missed workout is not the end of the world and you will make it up. But days just aren’t as good without your workout.

2. Gym clothes make up more than half your wardrobe

[Image description: gif of woman in a towel saying “Okay, so I have nothing to wear.”]

You love your gym clothes and looking good while sweating it out. And you can’t have too many neon sports bras, right?

3. But at the same time, you never seem to have enough gym clothes

[Image description: Stitch from Lilo & Stitch putting on clothes from a laundry bin.]

Yoga is low impact so I can wear this tank top again, right?

4. You schedule your life around your workouts

[Image description: girl raising her arms saying “I am pumped!”]

I am working out at 6pm so we could maybe meet up at like 9 or 9:30?

5. You’re a regular at your gym and other gym rats know you

[Image description: four women in athletic clothes running in place.]

You’ve made friends at your regular spinning and yoga classes. And the people who work at your gym know you well.

6. Finding a new workout that works for you it feels like a romantic crush

[Image description: woman walking backwards mouthing “I love you.”]

When you first discovered spinning or pilates you felt all the feels second only to first love or your middle school crush.

7. You are confused by people who never workout

[Image description: gif of woman looking confused and scratching her head.]

What do you do all day?

8. You are proud of yourself when you workout especially hard

[Image description: black and white gif of woman looking tough boxing.]

It’s called working out because you’re there to work. The sweater, the better.

9. The soreness after a targeted workout is the best feeling

[Image description: gif of woman happily walking and smiling on a pink backdrop.]

You feel super proud that you killed your ab workout so hard that laughing now hurts (but in a good way).

10. You have *mixed* feelings about working out with other people

[Image description: gif of women exercising together while chatting.]

Working out with other people is awesome if you guys are all actually working really hard – I mean workout buddies for life. But more often than not it ends up being a fun social time and you don’t get your sweat in.

11. Working out is therapeutic for you

[Image description: gif of woman in sports bra and shorts, running up stadium steps.]

When you have a bad day, nothing feels better than getting in a hard workout. Those endorphins can really turn a bad day around for you.

 12. TFW you forget your headphones

[Image description: gif of woman sighing.]

Do you go home and get your headphones or do you maximize your workout on your own? Working out is SO MUCH HARDER without your pump up playlist!

13. Your friends make fun of you for living at the gym

[Image description: gif of woman doing fitness pose.]

I promise I only go for a couple hours everyday guys. As much as I love the gym, I love my bed too.

14. Fitness isn’t just going to the gym, it’s a lifestyle

[Image description: gif of woman doing yoga on a purple background.]

Fitness is healthy eating, consistent hydration, protein intake, stretching, going to the gym and so much more. Your healthy, fit lifestyle is just how you roll.

15. Working out in a rush is THE WORST

[Image description: gif of woman sighing.]

Getting your workout in every day is your lifestyle but having to squeeze your workout in between life events means you can’t get as long or thorough of a workout. And sometimes you feel a little guilty about not doing those extra reps.

16. You have a love-hate relationship with your foam roller

[Image description: gif of girl looking uneasy.]

On the one hand your foam roller helps you stretch and loosen up your muscles. On the other hand, it hurts so freaking much!

17. Going to the gym is how you love yourself

[Image description: gif of woman dancing in the street.]

Working out makes you feel strong and superb. For you, self-love is getting to the gym often and keeping a healthy lifestyle.