My sister’s wedding was almost ruined by one jealous relative

None of us were happy when our grandparents gave her the biggest role for my sister’s wedding this year.

When we watch family dramas unravel on TV shows or soap operas, there’s always a family member portrayed as evil with devious desires. Usually, it would be jealous sisters, envious aunts or evil mother-in-laws abhorring other people’s happiness and wishing for their misfortune.

For my family, it’s my uncle’s wife.

I never thought it could be so bad, in fact, no one did. All we knew was that she was always jealous of what others had – a bigger and more beautiful house, good health, or good relationships. Everyone knew how unhappy she’d be if she lacked something someone else had. She’d do whatever she could to be better than everyone else.

That’s the reason why none of us were happy when our grandparents gave her the biggest role in my sister’s wedding this year.

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My uncle’s wife was given the role of dressmaker for everyone in the family except the bride. But it wasn’t just that; my grandparents also trusted her to send the wedding invitations to all the guests. My sister protested their decision in vain, but every word that came out of my grandparents was as good as a royal decree; they would not take no for an answer.

From that moment, my sister knew the wedding wouldn’t be as good as she wished. My family worried about her, and whether or not our outfits would come out okay. We tried not to be cynical and stayed optimistic, but in the back of our minds, there was a lot of doubt.

When the wedding day arrived, I and my two brothers waited for our dress and suits for hours, but my uncle’s wife didn’t show. The nikkah ceremony was going to start in half an hour and our mother kept calling us, telling us we needed to be there ASAP. Worse, we had kept the marriage certificates needed for the ceremony with us.

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She showed up late with the excuse that her sewing machine was broken and she had it fixed only yesterday.


The clothes were supposed to be done a week before the wedding. We didn’t buy her excuse but quietly took our clothes anyway. My dress ended up being oversized and horrible. It was a complete mess, but there was nothing I could do; the color theme for bride’s side of the family was red, and that was the only red dress I had.

The ceremony had to be held two hours later than scheduled. But the day didn’t get better after that.

The reception was held on the same day, right after the ceremony. The hall was decorated beautifully with a spring theme, full of white roses everywhere. The sight of the wedding throne, where the bride and groom sit, was breathtaking. We were all so proud and happy on that day. The marriage of the first child and daughter of my parents and grandchildren of our grandparents is a big deal.

It took an hour for the guests to fill the reception hall, but half of them from our side of the family didn’t even show up. Before the arrival of the bride and groom, we were all wondering, ‘Where the hell were the others? Why didn’t they come?’ My parents, aunts, and uncles called the invited guests and guess what?

They didn’t receive the invitation at all.

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And we all knew whose fault that was. My uncle and his wife came to the reception where she showed no remorse for neglecting her duties.

None of us wanted to cause a scene on that day. We tried to enjoy it as much as we could, but couldn’t help feeling disappointed and angry about what happened. On the stage, sitting on the wedding throne, I could see how shattered my sister was from her expression.

I’m proud of my family for trying to move past this, and not giving my uncle’s wife a hard time, but the disappointment we felt was big. My grandparents would hate to know my decision for when I get married someday – excluding them from the wedding. It would be considered disgraceful for anyone to do that to them, but after what they did to my sister, I couldn’t care less.