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10 foodie Instagram stars we can’t stop drooling over

Time to get inspired (and hungry)!

Food brings people together. Food connects cultures, people, and ideas. These ten fantastic female foodies are from all over the world and cook every type of food. 

These women will brighten your Instagram feeds with snaps of soft serve in Sydney, Australia, modern Zimbabwean food, and all your heart’s desires.

1. Amanda Frederickson

[Image description: screenshot of Amanda Frederickson’s Instagram page.]

Great recipes, really relatable content, and I love her authenticity. Every Wednesday she does #FridgeForaging, where she takes ingredients she already has in her fridge to make dinner.  I’ve actually tried some recipes and they’re great!

Amanda is an active ‘grammer so you should also check out her Instagram stories for cool tips on shopping at farmer’s markets, making the most of your fridge ingredients, and most recently, how to incorporate yogurt into everything.

2. Bonberi

[Image description: screenshot of Bonberi’s Instagram page.]

Looking to get healthy? Nicole Berie is the creator of Bonberi, a “curated editorial website devoted to food and well-being.” Her Instagram is part of her larger commitment to health, wellness, and all-natural living.

Nicole features interviews with chefs, models, and tastemakers alongside snippets on motherhood and her all-natural beauty buys. Her Instagram includes a whole lot of smoothies, Buddha bowls, and so many greens! Bonberi will inspire you to start living (and eating) clean!

3. The Modern Proper

[Image description: screenshot of The Modern Proper’s Instagram page.]

Natalie Mortimer & Holly Erickson are recipe developers, photographers, food stylists, and homemakers based in my hometown, Portland, Oregon. The recipes they share are full of beautiful fresh ingredients and rustic charm.

Both Natalie and Holly are mothers and lovers of food so many of their recipes are kid-friendly and quick. The goal of The Modern Proper is to “[reinvent] proper for the modern homemaker,” and they’re doing just that. Check them out for inspiration on making wonderful food, creating stronger friendships, and building community.

4. Amanda Saab

[Image description: screenshot of Amanda Saab’s Instagram page.]

Amanda Saab is a dessert-loving hijabi who shares incredible photos (and recipes) of her various sweet creations. In 2015 Amanda was on MasterChef and was the first hijab-wearing Muslim American on a major reality television program.

After receiving hateful, Islamaphobic messages on social media, Amanda and her husband, Hussein created Dinner with Your Muslim Neighbor. Amanda and Hussein have invited complete strangers into their home to ask them questions about Islam while sharing a delicious meal. Follow Amanda for dessert inspiration and modern takes on traditional dishes.

5. Deliciously Ella

[Image description: screenshot of Deliciously Ella’s Instagram page.]

Ella strives to “[celebrate] plant-based food & working to make vegetables cool.” I love how Ella seamlessly incorporates her food photos in with photos of herself and her life. Her Instagram account feels both personal and practical.

Ella has made raspberry peanut-butter balls with Olympic athlete Tom Daley on Youtube, wrote a book on plant-based eating, and launched a product line featuring granola, muesli, energy balls and oat bars. Ella’s posts will have you eating a plant-based diet in no time.

6. Joy the Baker

[Image description: screenshot of Joy the Baker’s Instagram page.]

According to Joy herself, she is a “self-taught baker, turned professional baker, turned food photographer and cookbook author.” She not only takes gorgeous shots of her food but also shares the recipes on her site. 

In 2014, Joy moved from California to New Orleans and her food reflects a myriad of cultures. Her recipes are a mix of healthy, not-so-healthy, savory and oh-so-sweet.

7. eilxrrr

[Image description: screenshot of eilxrrr’s Instagram page.]

If you love gorgeous photos, definitely follow Eileen of eilxrrr. Her photos are as stunning as they are sweet. Based in Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong, China, Eileen shares sugary sweet snaps from all around Asia-Pacific. 

Her aesthetically pleasing photos of soft serve and pastries with cute faces will have you reaching for your favorite sweets. 

8.  Ivy’s Kitchenette

[Image description: screenshot of Ivy’s Kitchnette’s Instagram page.]

Ivy Mango has always enjoyed a mix of traditional Zimbabwean foods and Western foods. Her Instagram account seamlessly mixes her two cultures with modern takes on traditional Zimbabwean dishes. 

Her gorgeous photos and authentic cooking have gained her a large following amongst Zimbabweans, members of the diaspora, and foodies alike. Follow Ivy for some major African food inspiration.

9. Snixy Kitchen

[Image description: screenshot of Snixy Kitchen’s Instagram page.]

Sarah Menanix is a gluten-free home-cook, New York Times food stylist, and cat enthusiast. And her recipes always feature fresh produce inspired by the local ingredients around her. Sarah features lots of sweet treats like salted sorghum molasses pie, healthy options like roasted cauliflower kale salad with lemon brown butter dressing and crispy capers, and creative dishes like maple miso-glazed bacon onigirazu with pickled veggies. 

Sarah is proof that anyone can make cooking look gorgeous.

10. Piloncilloyvainilla

[Image description: screenshot of pilocilloyvainilla’s Instagram page.]

Alejandra is the creator of the blog piloncilloyvainilla / BrownSugar&Vanilla blog that features super easy, vegan recipes. Her blog comes in both English and Spanish with BrownSugar&Vanilla as the English version and Piloncillo&Vainilla as the Spanish version. Alejandra is both Mexican and vegan– and her recipes seamlessly connect her identities. As a mother of three, Alejandra’s dishes are easy to prepare, child-friendly, and feature all-natural ingredients. These recipes will keep you super healthy!

These lovely ladies are so much more than the stereotypical “woman in the kitchen.” Their use of fresh ingredients, unique recipes, and inviting personalities make them so fun to follow.  After checking out these fantastic female food influencers, I know you’ll be dying to get your chef on!

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