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If you aren’t following Gryffindior on Instagram, you’re probably a Slytherin (or Muggle)

Who knew that Dior and Hogwarts would fit together so seamlessly?

I absolutely loved reading all of the Harry Potter books as a kid. I was in elementary school so the magic of Harry Potter was that much bigger, brighter, and magical. I wanted nothing more than to be Hermione Granger– she’s smart, funny, and oh-so-relatable. 

Despite the scary threat of Voldemort, the world of Harry Potter seemed impossibly gorgeous to me: going to school in a castle, taking the train through the English countryside, and eating especially crazy candies. But the one thing I never envied were the dreadful robes they had to wear. 

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the clothes of Harry Potter because earlier this year, Rachel Bernstein created Gryffindior.

Bernstein is the senior art director at Moda Operandi and has worked in the fashion industry for nearly a decade. She told Who What Wear that “Gryffindior came about during one of my 3 a.m. “I can’t sleep” moments” and it is a way to “brush up [her] Photoshop skills.” 

And clearly, she has been. 

Gryffindior is an Instagram page that redresses the characters from Harry Potter in Dior!

[Image description: screenshot of Gryffindior Instagram featuring Professor McGonagall in black Dior dress from fall/winter 2016 standing next to Dolores Umbridge.]

When I first started following Gryffindior in January, I loved the cool aesthetic and the combining of a strangely perfect pair. And clearly, I am not the only one– since launching in early January Gryffindior has amassed almost 30,000 followers. In part, because it’s absolutely amazing to see high fashion photoshopped onto Harry Potter characters but also because it makes fashion a lot more accessible. 

Couture and high fashion can sometimes seem otherworldly to average onlookers but by dressing familiar faces in Dior it seems a lot more personable.

[Image description: screenshot of Gryffindior Instagram featuring Bellatrix Lestrange wearing Dior spring/summer 2016 standing next to Ron Weasley.]

Through Gryffindior, I have been able to relieve my favorite childhood and young adult reads with a new eye towards fashion. As a college student with very minimal income, I am far away from wearing Dior on the regular– but a girl can dream! Gryffindior is representative of my life in some ways. I am in between being a kid who loves books about magic and a future adult who (hopefully) can make enough money to wear Dior. 

But right now I’m just a lover of Instagram and all things social media. Gryffindior really brightens up my feed and I love the pairings Bernstein makes.

[Image description: screenshot of Gryffindior Instagram featuring Rose Granger in light pink dress from Dior spring/summer 2017 collection standing with her family at the train.]

A couple of my favorite shots have included Rose Granger–Weasley looking xxx in spring/summer 2017, Professor McGonagall looking fierce in fall/winter 2016 and Bellatrix Lestrange looking ultra trendy in spring/summer 2017. 

As someone who admires the fashion world from afar, it’s great to see these gorgeous Dior pieces reimagined.

[Image description: screenshot of Gryffindior Instagram featuring Padma Patel in red Dior coat from fall/winter 2016 standing next to Harry Potter.]

And there may be more to come. In her interview with Who What Wear, Bernstein imagined Slytherins in “head-to-toe Saint Laurent,” Hufflepuffs in Stella McCartney and Ravenclaws in Alessandro Michele’s Gucci. 

If you’re looking to brighten up your Instagram feed with some cool fashion inspo plus throwbacks to your favorite wizard reads, definitely check out Gryffindior.