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10 baby elephants having the best time ever

And they deserve it too, tbh.

A few years ago I was in Zambia for two weeks to see a friend. During that time, I got to do some mini-safaris in which I became entranced by the behavior and absolute cuteness of elephants. After safaris, I spent almost two hours simply observing them play and knock each other down at a sanctuary. Eventually, my friends dragged me out after the last baby elephant had to be taken away for feeding. Not only are these creatures cute, but their protective and nurturing mothers make you think, dang, this is life. We humans could benefit from this.

1.  Playing with a tire

Who needs flashy toys or gadgets when used tires exist? If baby elephants can enjoy them, I am sure human babies and toddlers can too!

2. Come back here, dog!

This is exactly how I used to feel as a kid on the playground playing tag. I never wanted to be it, but that always ended up being the case. Because I could never really tag anyone because I was always it. I only now understand why. Jerks.

3. It is time for a bath

The reluctance of this little one to take a bath reminds me of the time I watched my baby cousin splash water around in a bathtub. I swear that bath took about an hour and the state of the bathroom was a hot mess afterward.

4. I will find my way over this log gracefully!

I would not call this one clumsy at all. He (or she) is trying to figure out how to look awesome while getting over that log. There are moments I feel like this when I am trying to get over an obstacle in life. That persistence though!

5. I’m stuck in the mud! Now what?

Watching this baby elephant persistently try to get up every time he slips in the mud literally made me say “aw.” As I watched (yes, every second) of this video, I knew that elephant mama was just trying to strike the right balance before letting him find his own balance and helping him out.

6. What can this cool thing called a trunk do?

I love pretty much everything that is shown by The Dodo. In this video, watching this baby elephant figure out the power of his trunk reminds me of how new everything is for children in general. Don’t worry, cutie, you will be a pro splashing everyone around with that thing!

7. Throwing a tantrum in the middle of the road

Watch this diva remaining in tantrum mode forever. The best part is when the adult elephants just pass him saying, “Alright, we are not waiting for you.” When he realizes that nobody is paying attention he just stops and moves along with them.

8. The sneezing scare

How can anyone not laugh after witnessing the cutest sneeze ever? And on top of it, to be so scared of it that it makes you run to mama elephant can only lend itself to squeals and laughs.

9. A new sheep best friend

Whoever said sheep and elephants can’t be best friends? The whole scene reminds me of two kids in elementary school. One is trying so hard for the other to be his or her friend. Eventually, when they realize they have no other friends, they have no choice but to stick together.

10. The baby elephant feeding frenzy turned death by cuteness

These two guys were trying to emulate feeding this baby like a mother would feed him. In return, it turned into a laughing and cuddle session. I mean, nobody can replace this elephant’s mama, but they can sure try! That accompanying music at the end though, with the elephant climbing in the man’s lap, just tugged my heartstrings. My husband heard me laugh endlessly for about a minute.

If you ever get the chance during your travels, be sure to visit a reputable sanctuary or wildlife park. While the cuteness of elephants is boundless, too many people exist who want to harm them for personal gain. You do not have to be an activist, but do be sure to learn more about the sanctuary you visit. Until then, whenever life gets you down or seems lame, always remember there are some elephants out there doing everything to make this world better!