20 adorable ways to include your pet in the wedding of your dreams

Can we walk down on the aisle with our special, furry companion at our side? Yes, of course!

There’s no way for us to exclude our puppies or doggies on our big day. And there are many ways for them to be a part of the wedding; becoming a flower dog, best dog or dog of honor, and even a ring bearer. Check out these ideas on how to dress and doll up your beloved pets from some of these real weddings.

1. Yes, I’m dying over this pup!

2. Cute puppy with a tutu!

3. Purr-fect family of three.

4. Can’t get enough puppy kisses in this wedding.

5. Who says the flower girl has to be human?

6. You did steal the show, bud.

7. Isn’t she the cutest?

8. The mightiest flower dog I’ve ever seen.

9. Is this dog winking? Cheeky.

10. With the dog of honor & the best dog.

11. Ready for the show?

12. Because your big furry friends need floral too.

13. Flowers around the fur baby.

14. Hey, babe. That’s a very sexy bonnet.

15. The cutest tutu model!

16. Check out my awesome collar.

17. Who’d want to leave her out of our wedding?

18. I pawmise, from this day forward, to sniff and to share our food together.

19. This moment couldn’t be sweeter.

20. The most adorable ring bearer!

By Thee Shaheera

Thee Shaheera is currently a senior in college, majoring in Business Management. Her interests includes arts, fashion design, languages, foods, photography and anything unrelated to business but her greatest passion is writing. She likes to think of herself as a modern-day Renaissance woman, or at least determined to be one in the future.