25 wedding photos that were totally improved by photobombs

We have all day to enjoy the wedding, but photos last forever.

What if not all photos turn out as planned? There are times when there’s an interruption from guests, strangers, family, and friends of the newlyweds and even unexpected animals deciding to be a part of special moments. But not all of them ruined the photos; as some of them produced laugh-out-loud results which are worth to be remembered forever.

If you’re having a bad day or stressed out with your wedding plan, take a break and scroll down to enjoy these hilarious, epic photobombed photos.

1. The cutest photobomber!

2. Time to enjoy the beach! Oh, wait…

3. Since he’s there, why not just smile?

4. This guy is definitely happy for them. Maybe far too happy.

5. Ho, ho, ho!

6. Leave it to the drunk bridesmaid to ruin it.

7. I got the bouquet!

8. This picture would’ve been romantic…

9. The Mother of Groom just wants to be in the picture too, is that so wrong?

10. She’s definitely stealing the thunder.

11. You bro will always be there.

12. I wish I was the kid on the roof.

13. The groom just wanted to be included.

14. I wouldn’t mind him photobombing at all!

15. This could’ve been a beautiful shot but damn…

16. Merman spotted!

17. Gotta love these photobombers.

18. PDA! Avert your eyes!

19. I just can’t.

20. Check out my cute butt.

21. Perfect timing!

22. She’s probably looking for mommy.

23. When the groomsmen strike…

24. Cuteness overload.

25. Oops… my bad.

By Thee Shaheera

Thee Shaheera is currently a senior in college, majoring in Business Management. Her interests includes arts, fashion design, languages, foods, photography and anything unrelated to business but her greatest passion is writing. She likes to think of herself as a modern-day Renaissance woman, or at least determined to be one in the future.