Communications majors have it rough. We’re tired of people telling us what we study is stupid, when they don’t even understand the field. Here’s a list of funny, cringe-worthy situations we’ve all been through, with an extra dish of inside jokes that only Communications people will understand. And memes.

1. “So can you communicate really well?”

Gif of Taylor Swift going "excuse me, WHAAAT?"

What kind of question is that?

2. Your friends refuse to watch movies with you because you’d just ruin the entire film by talking about the camera techniques

"It's only a movie." Gif from Time After Time

Movies are life, okay?

3. … also that specific plotline doesn’t work cohesively in the grander scheme of the script

"This movie makes no sense. I love it." Gif from Broad City.

But sure, Becky, I’ll be quiet from now on

4. No matter the question, Teddy Adorno is always the answer

Theodore Adorno: life has become the ideology of its own absence.

It’s all the culture industry’s fault. The German philosopher is perhaps the most important theorist you’ll study in your career. It’s because of him that you’re an expert on the exploitation of cultural content in capitalist societies.

5. The medium is the message. Enough said.

Marshall McLuhan in a television screen: The medium is the message.

What you will always remember about Marshall McLuhan. This guy predicted the advent of world wide web thirty years before it came to be, and a nice catchphrase is all we remember about him?

6. When people talk about the one film you haven’t seen and they go, “Wait, how haven’t you seen this? You’re a Com major!”

Cher from Clueless making an "mmh, actually" face

You can’t be expected to have seen every film ever produced.

7. Every single argument you have ends up with you passionately talking about Karl Marx

Karl Marx, in screaming colors.

He’s ever-present. (And somehow, you always end up explaining that no, he is not Santa Claus)

8. When somebody asks you for a short summary of a show and you inevitably talk for hours about the media studies theories that are applied and how and why it fits into the genre

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Gif from Chinatown.


9. Once you go post-modernism, you never go back.

Gif of Van Gogh's Starry Night transforming into a zoo.

It’s a fact. Relativism, deconstruction, self-referentiality, skepticism, lack of structures…my life changed after I read Jameson, Derrida, and Lyotard. Plus, they paved the way for feminist and post-colonial theory.

10. “I’m confused… what can you do after you graduate with a BA in Communications? I mean we all know how to communicate.”

Gif of annoyed court judge.

How do you even respond to that?

11. Black Mirror isn’t your favorite show because you already cover all the dystopian consequences of technology in class

"The future's here. The future's broken." Gif from Black Mirror.

And it’s not even remotely funny.

12. Rolling your eyes every time a non-Com person asks you what exactly media studies is

Gif of an extremely annoyed Chloe from Don't Trust The B*itch In Apartment 23.

Just Google it, okay?

13. Eternally cringing when somebody says “mediums” or “medias

Dawson crying. Gif from Dawson's Creek.

Media is the plural of medium. End of story.

14. “So do you just watch movies in class all day?”

"Uh... no." Gif from Real Housewives of Organge County.

We’ve got more important things to do.

15. You say self-reflexivity at least three times a day

Gif of girl holding a mirror, reflecting itself infinitely.

Self-reflexivity is inescapable.

16. Social media is not just for fun, it’s coursework

Gif of girl scrolling down on her phone and getting social media notifications. Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

There are actual theories and strategies that need to be studied, okay!

17. “You do TV too? I thought you studied journalism?”

Angry cat is angry. Gif.

What part of multi-disciplinary is so hard to understand?

18. When the only way you can effectively explain Guy Debord’s Theory of the Spectacle to a non-Com person is the Matrix

Gif from The Matrix.

It’s everywhere, we are immersed in it and we can’t see it.

19. You take memes very seriously

Meme of shocked dog.

Viral phenomena are extremely serious. I’ve even taken a class that was dedicated entirely to the academic understanding and experimental creation of memes.

20. The best part is that you get to study fandoms from an academic perspective

Gif of Tina Fey saying "Nerdrage!" in 30 Rock.

All your fangirl experience actually amounts to something.

21. No matter what the future brings, you’ll have the brightest career because your education has been well-rounded and multi-disciplinary with the perfect mix of theory and practice

Gif of Hayley Kiyoko saying YAS!

With a Communications education, you can pretty much get any job you want. Good luck!

  • With a degree in Communications and Media, an insatiable passion for humanities, social justice, and anything involving dragons, Federica is your fandom resident expert. She is a certified multitasker and professional workaholic who is proud to serve as Editor-in-Chief at The Tempest. Her biggest challenge in life is to smash the hetero-normative patriarchy while perpetually running around in seven-inch heels.