7 great reasons to become a pet parent

A furry friend will make your life so much better!

There are a lot of reasons to make a pet part of your family. Not only are they cute and fun, but they’ll also love you unconditionally. While these simple things might not seem like good reasons to get a pet, they absolutely are! Studies show that pets can improve your health and happiness with their jolly dispositions and button noses!

As a dog parent myself, I can tell you, without a doubt, that having a pet has completely transformed my life. I’m freer, happier and more full of purpose than I have been in a long time. So, I can’t say enough how grateful I am that I took a leap and brought a furry friend into my life.

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, but aren’t quite sure that it’s the right step, here’s a list of reasons why it could be:

1. You’ll learn how to love unconditionally

drew barrymore puppies GIF
[Image Description: Drew Barrymore sits in a chair as two puppies climb all over her.] via Giphy
Think you understand unconditional love now? Just wait until you’re faced with a furry little friend that’s completely dependent on you for their basic needs. You’ll do everything in your power to make sure they live their best lives and you’ll probably find yourself splurging on treats and toys just to make them happy.

2. And in return, you’ll feel that love returned boundlessly

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[Image Description: A small brown dog snuggles with his owner.] via Giphy
For all the effort you put into loving your pet, he or she will give you that love right back. They’ll play with you, cuddle with you and even try to share meals with you. And it’s all because animals are keen on giving you as much love as you give them.

3. Pets make you feel less lonely, anxious and depressed

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[Image Description: A cat stands up to kiss a woman.] via Giphy
Overall, pets are awesome for mental and emotional health. In fact, studies show that having a pet at home can help you feel less lonely, anxious and depressed. Pets often give you a sense of purpose and responsibility, allowing you to push past negative thoughts or feelings so you can provide for your furry companion.

4. They expand your interests and activities

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[Image Description: A woman rides a bicycle with two cats in a basket at the front.] via Giphy
If you’ve never had a pet before, getting one will open your world up to all kinds of different things. Seemingly overnight, you’ll find yourself interested in things you’ve never even thought about before like dog parks, pet daycare, animal nutrition and so much more.

5. They’ll help you stay fit and active

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[Image Description: A small dog does leg lifts.] via Giphy
Looking to shed pounds and get fit? Getting a pet is a great way to get started. Caring for a petーdogs, in particularーrequires you to be more active than you would otherwise. Dogs need to be walked and played with on a regular basis, so they can help you incorporate some exercise into your routine.

6. They’ll help you practice better stress management

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[Image Description: A cat taps a girl’s arm and the girl pets the cat.] via Giphy
Stress haunts all of us from time to time and having a pet can help you decompress after a long, hard day. Studies show that interacting with pets slows down your heart rate and decreases blood pressure which lets you calm down more quickly and enjoy better cardiovascular health.

7. They’re hilarious and adorable!

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[Image Description: A large dog and three small cats snuggle with each other.] via Giphy
What better reason to get a pet than to laugh at their crazy and hilarious antics and swoon over how adorable they are!

Seriously, if you’re on the fence about getting a pet, just take the big leap! You won’t regret it. If your parents or landlord need convincing, just show them this list!