Calling all book lovers: here’s all the wedding decor you can’t live without

Having an unforgettable wedding doesn't mean sacrificing the things you love.

Almost everyone has seen Beauty and the Beast. There was always something so appealing and magical to me about the dancing utensils, the beautiful ball gowns, and the handsome prince. But nothing had me more hooked than the seemingly-endless shelves of books in the castle’s library! If you’re anything like me, then the idea of a literary-themed wedding has always seemed so perfect. So we’ve got the perfect wedding decor that every book lover will ever need for their special day!

1. Welcome your guests with this rustic hand-written wooden sign!

[Image description: a wooden sign painted with white modern calligraphy reads “welcome to our happily ever after” and is propped up on a stand. A rose hangs on top of the sign, and a bride sits in a garden chair in the background. Image source: Pinterest]

2. A bouquet made entirely from vintage fabrics, antique brooches, love notes, and paper!

[Image description: six pictures of a flower bouquet made entirely from pages of a novel, love letters, postcards, vintage fabric, and scrabble letters that spell out love. Image source: Pinterest]

3. Use the pages from your favorite romance novels to create heart-shaped backdrops!

[Image description: pages from a novel cut into three hearts and hung together on a string across a room. Image source: Pinterest]

4. Is there a better place to celebrate two bibliophiles than at a library?

[Image description: multiple dining tables are set up in a huge library. Each table is already set with all the utensils and a vase is placed as a centerpiece. Image source: Pinterest]

5. Have your cake vendor inscribe your favorite passages onto your cake.

[Image description: a three-story wedding cake placed on a table and is covered in cursive writing and decorated with roses. Image source: Pinterest]

6. Use book pages to make your place cards even cuter!

[Image description: a framed page of a novel is framed and a huge nine is written across it. Two candles are placed in front of the frame, which rests on a stack of books with a flower vase on top. Image source: Pinterest]

7. Give bookmarks with romantic quotes from your favorite books as wedding favors.

[Image description: a stack of bookmarks with a Jane Austin quote from Pride and Prejudice printed on it. The quote says “Completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.” Image source: Pinterest]

8. These library card invites are giving us all the feels!

[Image description: wedding invites made out of library cards that list all the important dates in the engaged couples’ lives. Image source: Pinterest]

9. Surprise your guests with wrapped books as wedding favors.

[Image description: a stack of novels wrapped in brown paper with a light blue sheet on the front. Each novel has a library card attached to it with all the details of the novel written out. Image source: Pinterest]

10.  Set up a dictionary and a cute sign where your guests can leave a message for you & your S.O.

[Image description: a sign is printed on a page in front of an open dictionary that reads, “please sign our guest book by selecting a word from the dictionary that represents how you know us, a fun memory, your best marriage advice, or any other words befitting this day. Circle the word and then feel free to write a message on the page. Enjoy the evening!” Image source: Pinterest]

11. Serve drinks with little book-inspired messages like this one!

[Image description: pink lemonade in glass jugs with pink ribbons tied around the top and a note that says “drink me.” Image source: Pinterest]

12. Seat your guests according to your favorite authors/books.

[Image description: a framed card that says “Mark Twain Table” with a quote by him underneath used as a centerpiece for a dining table. The frame is placed on top of a stack of books. Image source: Pinterest]

13. Incorporate your love for books into your centerpieces.

[Image description: a ballroom with tables set and a stack of books with a vase on top as a centerpiece. Image source: Pinterest]

14. Use cut-outs from a book as your cake toppers!

[Image description: two cutouts of a man and a woman dressed up made from pages of a book used as cake toppers. Image source: Pinterest]

15. Say “I do” underneath a book arch!

[Image description: a bride and groom kiss in front of a pastor who is looking at his religious book. The couple is standing under an arch made out of books piled up on each other. Image source: Pinterest]
There’s nothing we love more than two people celebrating their love in beautiful and unique ways! Let your love for literature inspire you to create a literary-themed wedding with these simple and breath-taking decorations that’ll have your guests talking about your big day for years to come!