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Meet Harmony, the robotic doll for men who hate treating women with respect

Finally, men can escape the feminist agenda.

It’s officially February which means two things, Black History Month and…Valentine’s Day.

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Get ready for a whirlwind of history, black girl magic, Back Panther, and on the 14th, a whole lot of love and resentment. Valentine’s Day always brings about the same emotions, sickening affection and just nausea really. There’s nothing more disheartening and annoying than a holiday that pushes relationships and ostensible displays of affection. Especially as it makes single women feel like they aren’t worth anything because they don’t have anyone to share the day with.

Men, while mainly subjected to spending a lot of money on Valentine’s Day, still get a bit of a pass.

If they spend their Valentines day alone, no one bats an eye. They’re described as strong men who are waiting for the partner who’s really perfect for them and if they don’t find that person? Then oh well, because most women these days are too independent and “sensitive” anyway. In addition to this societal pass, they now get a new alternative to real women where many won’t have to worry about assault accusations anymore and can have all the fun they desire with the one woman who is always consenting.

Meet Harmony.

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Harmony is the new hyper-real sex robot who not only has a self-lubricating vagina but can also blink, hold conversations and make an emotional connection with her owner by remembering birthdays and preferences. And the best part of all is that Harmony will have sex with you anytime you want and never say no. She is so advanced that she is borderline AI technology according to the Guardian, and she is the front-runner for the first commercially available sex robot.

Which means that many men can soon buy their own Harmony to spend Valentines Day with and never have to deal with us feminists again.

Harmony is the new solution to misogynist tears of loneliness and worries about how to properly gain consent. No matter how many times we reiterate that it’s just as simple as asking and listening. They won’t have to ask Harmony, however, because she is the perfect porn reminiscent robot that men deserve. For those who would rather have the perfect mix of pre-pubescent but still womanly features that they can inflict their wildest sexual fantasies on without actually caring about anyone else’s feelings and desires but their own.

It’s selfish and disgusting.

While Harmony is supposed to be a fun addition to the bedroom, all she’s doing is allowing men to never learn how to actually treat women.

It is inevitable that this will have some sort of psychological impact. With computers, technology, and social media, there is already a large social disconnect. Could sex robots like harmony widen this gap if many men choose to only interact with Harmony instead of real women? And how would this then translate into everyday life when they come in contact with real women?

Furthermore, having a sex robot to comply with your every whim adds another false narrative to a healthy sex life and promotes selfishness in the bedroom and outside of it. This robot is not promoting healthy attitudes to human relationships.

There really is nothing wrong with sex robots and this is not an attempt to kink shame, but women are constantly bombarded with the ideals that we have to have a man and we must make ourselves, smaller, quieter, and basically become Harmony to be seen as valuable in society’s eyes and it’s tiring.

Though, with robot Sophia becoming the world’s first robot citizen, it’s possible that Harmony will be fighting for her rights soon enough and then what will they do?

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