Stuck on what to buy your newlywed friends? Here are 4 gifts that keep on giving.

The best gifts are those that help out a good cause.

The right wedding favors can be hard to pick out for your soon-to-be-married friends. You want to pick out a gift that won’t end up in the back of their kitchen cabinet or exchanged for something better. So why not choose a gift that’ll not only excite your friends but will also allow them to pay it forward? Here’s a list of gifts that help out amazing initiatives from all over the world!

1. Handcrafted salt & pepper stone shakers.

salt and pepper shaker

These salt & pepper shakers are from Ten Thousand Villages, whose team works with stone carvers in India to improve the health and safety of producers, ensure fair prices and emphasize the importance of education for children. The shakers are carved from palewa stone and accented with copper paint. More than a 100 years ago, skilled stone workers were brought to Agra under Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to build the Taj Mahal. Their descendants remain in Agra, and many use the same tools and methods to create the beautifully carved and intricate pieces that are displayed on the Ten Thousand Villages website.

2. Environmentally friendly ‘Love Bottle’ water bottle.

Love Bottle helps glass experts design these bottles from recycled glass (that are also BPA-free), and five percent of each purchase goes towards the company to help deliver clean water to those in need. Love Bottle’s mission includes reducing the number of single-use plastic products since the US is the largest consumer of plastic bottles. By using glass instead, Love Bottle ensures that you too can make a small difference in reducing our plastic consumption.  They are the first company to provide reusable water bottle options in glass that are 100% made in the USA; completely plastic free, and even dishwasher safe!

3. Unisex go-to canvas bag.

Black Go-To Bag Hanging View

By purchasing this black canvas bag, Feed Project provides 40 school meals to children in need. They hope that the nutritious meals they provide will give children the energy they need to learn, as well as motivate their parents to send them to school. Feed Project believes that when a child is given a free and nutritious meal, it can help break the cycle of poverty and empower them to change their lives. The company’s CEO, Lauren Bush, founded the company with the idea of creating products that would allow people to easily contribute to ending worldwide hunger. Each product is stamped with a number that represents the number of meals provided to those in need. Their collection includes a variety of different totes, purses, clutches and more!

4. Sonoma Reserve Rosé

For every bottle you purchase, One Hope educates 100 women on their risk and prevention of ovarian cancer. One Hope greatly believes in giving back to communities, and they take part in a number of initiatives. They incorporate a process that includes 15-point criteria to vet through nonprofit organizations to ensure that they maintain a level of integrity and commitment to making a difference. Each nonprofit is strategically matched with a specific wine, and the company works closely with the organizations to create and measure an impact ratio to display the number of people that are provided help.

These items are perfect for anyone wanting to gift their newlywed friends with something truly meaningful. It just goes to show that it doesn’t take a lot to make someone else’s day that much better.