15 delicious wedding cake alternatives for all you cake-haters out there

The best alternatives to make every cake-hater's wedding cake fantasy come true.

Wedding cake testing with your partner can be so exciting when you’re planning your big day together. But for those who don’t particularly enjoy cakes (read: hate them), finding equally delicious treats to serve up instead can be difficult. We put together the only list you could ever need to make your cake-hater dreams come true!

1. It doesn’t get cheesier than this!

2. Tower of pizza anyone?

3. Who needs cake when you can have sushi!

4. Glazed & amazed.

5. For the love of brownies!

6. We’d like s’more of this!

7. Can’t go wrong with some macaroons.

8. Pie for days…

9. When you go together like milk and cookies.

10. Go all out for a fruit-cake!

11. Mini-cakes are so much cuter!

12. Do pancakes count as cake?

13. We can roll with this.

14. Our hearts are melting!

15. The only crispy treat you’ll need.