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7 crowd-pleasing ways you can spice up the usual game day snacks

Will watch sports for food.

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and that means you’ve probably already got some food prep ideas for the big day! That’s all fine and great, but we’re about to turn all your plans on their heads.

At this point, Super Bowl food is almost par for the course. In fact, we’d bet anything you’ve got chips and dip, wings and maybe even pigs in a blanket on your menu for this year. Rather than bore your guests with the usual, why not spice things up a bit?

1. Up the ante on your Super Bowl food game with jerk chicken wings

[Image Description: Several chicken wings sitting on a tray.] via Pixabay
Sure, you’ve got all the usual wing flavors: BBQ, buffalo, and maybe even Teriyaki. But if you want to liven things up a bit, why not try a jerk rub instead? Toss your wings in a spicy jerk sauce to give them a Jamaican-inspired taste that’ll have your guests begging you for the recipe! Here’s how to make them.

2. Add a little spice to the pre-game appetizers by serving up mini tacos

Via Pixabay
[Image Description: Two tacos sit neatly on a plate.] Via Pixabay
Give your Super Bowl party a bit of Tex-Mex flair with mini tacos. All you need are some corn or flour tortillas, a bit of nicely seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese and an oven, then you’re all set! Serve your mini tacos as appetizers or make them the main attraction. Up to you! Check out the recipe here.

3. Give your pigs in a blanket the right kick by adding jalapeño

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[Image Description: Pigs in a blanket on a baking tray. ] via Flickr
Pigs in a blanket are probably one of the simplest appetizers to make. They’re also pretty run-of-the-mill in terms of Super Bowl parties. To give them a new spin, add some jalapeño to the dough. Your guests will get a nice, little surprise when they pop these piglets in their mouths! Learn how to make it here.

4. Offer a sweet and savory snack with BBQ chicken pizza bites

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[Image Description: A BBQ chicken pizza pie sitting on a countertop.] via Wikimedia Commons
Who isn’t a fan of BBQ chicken pizza? Both sweet and savory, this type of pizza has a little something for everyone, and it’s pretty simple to make! Give your guests a treat by slicing and dicing your pizza pie into bite-sized squares. Get the recipe here.

5. Need a new, exciting dip for your chips? Try a spicy sriracha bean dip!

via Wikimedia Commons
[Image Description: A glass bowl of bean dip that is orange in color.] via Wikimedia Commons
Bean dips are always a good choice for a Super Bowl party. They’re tasty and filling, and can also be made to your liking! So, take a risk this year and add a little sriracha to your favorite dip. Sounds crazy but hey…you’re the one looking for new ways to spice up your party offerings! Here’s the recipe.

6. For the health-conscious folks at your shindig, have some taco-inspired hummus ready!

Via Pixabay
[Image Description: A close-up of hummus in a white bowl.] Via Pixabay
Not everyone’s crazy about pummeling through a whole bunch of chip dips and chicken wings. So, it’s a good idea to have a few healthy options on the table for your party guests. In this case, taco-inspired hummus fits the bill. You can either buy it straight from the store or make your own by adding some taco seasoning or salsa to the mix! Learn how to make it here.

7. Swap standard burger sliders for Philly cheesesteak sliders

via Wikimedia Commons
[Image Description: A Philly Cheesesteak sandwich on a plate.] via Wikimedia Commons
Tired of serving cheeseburger sliders? No worries! Try Philly cheesesteak sliders instead. The same exact concept with just a different type of meat. Eagles fans will love you for it! For an extra kick, add some jalapeño or spicy mayonnaise to your sliders! Click here for the recipe.

Whatever you choose to serve during the Super Bowl this year, be sure to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone!

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