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The new season of “Grey’s Anatomy” has me totally loving and hating it – at the same time

Please. We need you more than ever.

I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for half of my life now. I grew up watching it. One of my first memories of the show was binge watching it till 6 a.m. eating through a whole box of sweet tarts. Now, as I begin season 14, that’s what I think of. I can almost taste the sweet tarts and that feeling. That feeling that I always get when watching this rollercoaster of a show. I’m so shook from past seasons that I can’t even imagine what’s to come.

So far, Derek died.

Mark died.

George died.

Izzie left.

Christina left.

Callie left.

People always leave and people always die. That’s the Grey’s Anatomy motto, isn’t it?

McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy walking outside.

Did you feel that, right there? It’s my heart breaking. But I still watch. I always do. I put on the new episode, and get ready to be disappointed. Someway or another, Grey’s gives me the feels, the good ones and the bad. And man, I cannot stop feeling the feels.

It’s in those moments when you’re feeling down that you need to watch Meredith and Christina dancing it off. That’s just the support you need sometimes. Dance it off, just do it, now.

Meredith and Christina dancing.

Once a year, I rewatch the first few seasons. It isn’t even something I consciously think of doing. I just happen to end up watching the show. Everything about it draws me in.

It’s the music, the characters, the words. Yes, the words. When you love the written script, it’s hard not to appreciate Grey’s. Everything is heartbreaking, intense, and emotionally encapsulating. It’s a ride, and once you choose to come along for it, you can’t get off.

Picking a favorite scene is almost impossible to choose. Is it where Meredith lays her heart out for Derek and he chooses Addison? The scene I know by heart (yes, I’ve seen it that many times). I remember watching it for the first time. I was sleeping over at my cousins. We always watched Grey’s together. We spent the day buying a myriad of snacks in preparation for the night. I remember eating flaming hot Cheetos as Meredith echoed the words, “Your choice, it’s simple…” I think we both cried our eyes out after that episode. That’s just what Grey’s does to you, I guess.

Meredith in season two episode five.

Or is it Izzie and Alex’s wedding scene? Or actually, every single moment of that episode? It wasn’t just how it started, slowly, enticing you into their colorful ‘grey’ world. It wasn’t just Alex’s beautiful speech. It wasn’t just the score (but man, was that a close first). It was all of these elements working together to give that Grey’s Anatomy feeling – that feeling that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Izzie in Season 5 Episode 22.

This season, there are only a few things I hope for. One, that no one else dies. Shonda Rhimes, PLEASE don’t kill anyone else. I don’t think my 24-year-old heart is as strong as my 18-year-old one.

Another, please no new characters. I’m sick of all the interns and their drama – yes, glasses, I’m sick of you. Stop being such a disaster.

Every time there’s a new character on the show:

Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy.

1-800-799-7233: This is Grey’s Anatomy breaking barriers. And this is why I love it. This episode features the return of Jo Wilson’s husband, who made his place on the show when we found out that he used to abuse Jo. Domestic abuse is the highlight of this episode. Watching Jo going through the motions as he shows up to the hospital and calls her crazy, is painful. But more than that, it is relatable.

Jo Wilson on Grey's Anatomy

TV has the power to affect and change. I love that Shonda is using her power to convey that so many times, domestic abuse victims are not given a voice. Sometimes, they are told that they are the problem, that they are the reason why this happened to them. But it isn’t true, and they need to know that.

My friends when I tell them I still watch Grey’s Anatomy:

Meredith and Avery on Grey's Anatomy

I will continue to support the show. Even though there is no Derek. Even though Meredith isn’t as dark and twisted as she once was, I’ll watch.

If there’s one thing I know, its that Shonda won’t let us down.

As the episode comes to a close, I can almost taste blueberry sweet tarts on my tongue again. And in that moment, I am 15 all over again.